About The Brit & The Blonde

Hey there it’s Will & Sandy, an English-Australian couple, we’re stoked you want to find out more about us!

Will is The Brit because he’s British. Sandy is The Blonde because…well she does have her blonde moments.

“We’re not rich. We just make travel a priority.”


How we got here…

Our love story started on the Gold Coast in November 2013. At the time, our lives consisted of working 12 hour days, so when we finally had some time off we decided to hire a campervan to explore the East Coast of Australia.

This trip ignited our passion for travelling, so we decided to quit our jobs & sell everything we owned to have the freedom to pursue our travel goalsWe believe that when you trust your intuition, everything else falls into place.

Over the past few years we have gone through many highs and lows during our travels but wouldn’t change a thing because every mistake is a lesson learned, and every experience has shaped who we are today.

What you can expect from us…

Here we share our real experiences and travel tips from destinations that we visit. We did not create this blog to give you the illusion that our lives are perfect, because they aren’t…although travelling long-term is possible. We prefer slow travel so we’ll often live like a local, work and/or volunteer during our travels.

We’re still exploring other budget-savvy ways to travel while learning to balance a work and travel lifestyle. We hope our posts inspire you to see more of the world!

Happy travels,

Will and Sandy x

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