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Her Version…

It happened so quickly. Before I knew it he’d swept me off my feet, spent Christmas with my family, we’d been on a holiday AND were already living together. All in the space of 2 months.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day we met, outside the office. It felt like we had known each other lifetimes ago and were finally reunited. Without even thinking I gave him a big hug, then a voice in my head said ‘what the hell are you doing, you haven’t even introduced yourself..’

I’d check Will out at work meetings each morning and found him really attractive. The first time we worked a whole day alone together was when I really got to know him, we had so much in common, the same goals and interests. We had a really good connection. However, the thought of anything ever happening between us never even crossed my mind as I was in a dating someone I met on Viet Kieu Dating at the time.  Over the next few weeks we became really great friends and I started to enjoy his company (a lot!).

Then a group of us were sent on a road-trip to Gladstone for work. I was going to be living with Will 24/7, sharing meals, working, commuting and sleeping in the same apartment, for a whole WEEK. A couple of days into the road trip my feelings for Will grew deeper, and by the end of it, the chemistry between us was something I hadn’t experienced before. I knew he could feel it too. On the inside I couldn’t control my feelings, yet on the outside I did a good job of covering it up.

When I got home I ended my relationship but still did not expect anything to happen between Will and I. I loved being around him so much that I was terrified of ruining our friendship. That day, I was ‘convinced’ by a friend to come out for drinks at Will’s place. We were getting tipsy, then unexpectedly, Will asked me to come out for a drink where he openly told me how he’d been feeling all along. I could not help but to express that I felt exactly the same. I felt surreal whenever I was around him.

I didn’t want to rush into things and end up heartbroken in front of everyone at work or worse, lose my job, so we kept our relationship a secret at first. It was risky having to come to work 5 minutes apart so that it wouldn’t look suss but it was so much fun. It literally felt like my life was a rom com. Eventually we came clean and fortunately didn’t lose our jobs, but after a couple of months we quit anyway to pursue our travel dreams together.

The rest is history, (which we will be sharing more about on this blog) and I couldn’t be happier to spend every day with the one I love. My advise to other women out there, if you truly want him to be yours, you must tell him you like him.

Our Love Story Photo Shoot
(Antique Photo Shoot Gold Coast, Australia 2014)
Our Love Story Waterfalls
(Waterfalls on the Sunshine Coast, Australia 2015)

His Version…

When I first arrived in Australia in August 2013, as you can imagine I had no intentions of getting into a relationship. Arriving on the Gold Coast with my mate, fresh from our small town in England..we were ready to party! But that didn’t go to plan. What does?

We landed ourselves a sales job based in Surfers Paradise at a marketing company. So much confidence, energy, positivity buzzing around…we were a little outside our comfort zones…but we loved this environment.

I couldn’t help but notice this bloody gorgeous Aussie chick. You know what I’m saying? But it was different..her and her team were smoking it in sales, she was confident yet humble, always smiling…I just wanted to be around her. The next few weeks I kept subtly mentioning to my boss that “I work well with Sandy” which was a lie because I was always so distracted!

The annoying thing was that dating someone else in the office was out of bounds. That’s fine, nothing will happen anyway, all good, no worries. But I couldn’t hide my feelings. After a couple more weeks of working together, and a work based road-trip, it was crazy how much I knew about Sandy and how connected we were in so many ways. Our travel ambitions, life experiences, our outlook on life, our problems. I had to let her know how I was feeling about her because I’d either go insane or Woodsy (my mate) would choke me for constantly telling him every conversation we were having.

So as you do, I breathed into my balls and asked Sandy to come out for a harmless “drink.” We talked, laughed, started getting drunk, talked a bit more. Then I unleashed my feelings, openly and confidently. Laid everything out on the table. What a relief that was! She went on to express the exact same feelings she had for me. It was an amazing moment and one I won’t forget. I had a feeling of certainty, love, happiness and so much more. She was (and will always be) the gal for me. We agreed to take it slow and not tell anyone because of the risk of losing our jobs…. I know right, f*ck the job…we told the world. Life was sweet!

Fast forward almost 3 years, we have grown to be best friends, lovers and travel buddies. The journey we’ve had together has been incredible, pushing each other, supporting each other, loving each other. She has absolutely changed my life and I am so grateful to have found her.

Our Love Story Valentine's Day
(Valentines Day 2014)
Our Love Story Sydney Harbour Bridge
(Sydney, Australia 2014)

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