Why We’re Starting With A Clean Slate

‘The secret to starting with a clean slate is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’

During our first year of travelling we got involved in a Network Marketing company where we started to earn a little bit of money through a business model online. This was an extremely exciting phase for us because for the first time in our lives we found a way that we could work from our laptops from anywhere in the world. All we had to do was inspire others who wanted this lifestyle to join our team. This led us to believe that to grow our business, we had to give off the perception that we lived a perfect life. How wrong were we.

Clean Slate Airport
(Just before our flight to Melbourne, Australia)

When we started our travel journey we posted ‘everything’ on social media, but we never even came close to sharing the struggles we had to keep ourselves on the road. We probably spent more time worrying about how we were going to afford our next meal or where to sleep that night than actually exploring the exotic places that were in all of our photos.

Clean Slate Phi Phi Islands
(Phi Phi Islands, Thailand)
We never shared the time we missed our flight to Bali, or when we got kicked out of our place on the Sunshine Coast. Sleeping at the airport in Melbourne or fighting for our lives outside of a nightclub in Thailand. Did we ever share the time we ran out of money in NZ? Or how most of the time we stayed with family and friends to be able to make our travel lifestyle work?
We shared the glory but not the REAL story…

Over time this non-authentic image we were portraying took its toll on us and we felt burnt out. We stopped posting to our Facebook page because we completely forgot why we even started it. Since making the decision to stay in one place for the past 6 months and move on from network marketing, we’ve had time to immerse ourselves in personal development and reflect on what we truly want moving forward.

Clean Slate Reflecting
(Reflecting and recharging on the Gold Coast, Australia)

We want to keep travelling for experiences and adventure. We want to grow as humans and connect with other travellers. From now on, we want to be real and authentic. We’ve started this blog to share the highs and the lows. The old and present stories. Travel tips from our own experiences.

We aim to inform, relate, inspire, and empower you to live your dreams and passions, no matter what obstacles life throws at you. We want to demonstrate that travelling the world is possible for you too, if you want it bad enough.

The lifestyle we live isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem, however the thought of staying in one place for any longer is more terrifying than booking a one way ticket to the other side of the world (without a plan). So we have. We’d love for you to follow our journey and to start this new and authentic chapter with us.
Do you ever feel like you’re not being true to who you really are? Have you experienced coming clean before? Leave us a comment…
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10 thoughts on “Why We’re Starting With A Clean Slate

  1. Love this! So true, too many people get caught up in the idea of the ‘picture perfect travel lifestyle’ that they see, and then get disheartened when they find out firsthand that that’s not all there is to travelling.

    Kudos to you! And keep on sharing your wisdom 🙂

  2. I love that you guys are going to share the highs and lows publicly! It’s so real and so relatable to anyone that’s travelled! So proud and can’t wait to hear all the adventures 🙂 Love you guys, Bon Voyage! Xxx

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