Surfing At Spot X Mojo Surf Camp

If you’re wanting to learn how to surf while in Australia then a surf camp may be just what you’re looking for. Mojo Surf are my favourite surf school in Australia, and you’ll find them in Sydney, Spot X, Byron Bay and even over in Canggu Bali. Sydney and Byron Bay are not to be missed spots on the backpacker route so you’ll more than likely come across Mojo Surf on your travels and can fit in a surf lesson or two, but if you do have the time then I HIGHLY recommend doing a surf camp in between to live the true Aussie surf lifestyle for a few days. You can book your Spot X Mojo Surf Camp through Nomads World.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp

Earlier this year I was working as a travel agent at a backpacker travel agency selling surf packages and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay at the Spot XΒ  Mojo Surf Camp with my German friend Miriam for a few days. You can choose camps from 2-5 days but I recommend at least 3 nights so you have enough time to learn to surf and be able to enjoy catching every wave with your new surfer skills. We had such a great time!

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Boards

Getting There

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp is located in a ‘secret’ spot on the New South Wales coastline somewhere between Sydney and Byron Bay. Basically all that’s there is the surf camp, a caravan park and a few holiday homes. It’s very secluded and totally devoted to the surf lifestyle! If you think you need more information, you can find out more about our caravans here and make your surf camp more interesting.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Palms

The closest point of reference is a tiny country town called Woolgoolga, which is also where the nearest bus station is to the Spot X Mojo Surf Camp. If you’re catching the Greyhound or Premier buses the guys at Mojo Surf will pick you up from the station, but make sure you tell them what time you’re coming.

Tip: Keep in mind that the Premier bus stops in Woolgoolga in the middle of the night or very early morning depending on which direction you’re coming from. Either way the Mojo Surf shuttle bus will pick you up and take you to the camp.

Accommodation & Surfer Vibes

In my opinion, you’ll find the best surfer vibes in the country at the Spot X Mojo Surf Camp. Everyone is your mate and even if you feel awkward at first, by the end of your stay you’ll end up taking every opportunity to give someone the friendly ‘shaka’ hand gesture.

For accommodation at the camp you have the option to stay in tippies (big tents) or cabins with other backpackers, or in your own van if you have one. The Spot X Surf Camp is the only Mojo Surf camp with direct access to the beach, so you can go to bed knowing that in the morning you’ll be out in the water in a matter of minutes.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Cabins

Surf Lessons

The instructors at Mojo Surf are very professional and excellent at what they do, whilst still maintaining FUN as a priority after safety. The waves at Spot X are perfect for beginners, which was a relief because learning to surf can be a real challenge in the wrong conditions. The conditions are also perfect for advanced surfers when you go further out towards the ocean.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Learning

Miriam and I chose to take 4 days off work and spent 3 nights at the Spot X Mojo Surf Camp. One day was needed for travelling there and hanging out with our new friends and one day to travel back to the Gold Coast, but the two full days we had at the camp consisted of a total of 4 surf lessons.Β When booking your camp package you have the option to do one or two surf lessons per day. Obviously the more surfing you do the quicker you’ll improve, but trust me if you’re not used to surfing then after one lesson you might be ready to nap for the rest of the day like I was!

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Lesson

Food & Drinks

All meals are included in the Spot X Mojo Surf Camp packages and they are delish! The staff and volunteers cook everything for you so you can just relax after your lessons.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Fireplace

The only extra thing you may have to budget for is alcohol. The team at Mojo Surf sure like to party when the sun sets, I have absolutely no idea how they manage to party all night and get up super early to surf all day! If you didn’t come prepared then luckily the Mojo shuttle bus goes on a bottlo’ run each night.

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Sunset

Extra Activities

Besides surfing, when you arrive at the Spot X Mojo Surf Camp you will get the opportunity to upgrade your package to be able to do extra activities with the team. This is especially beneficial if you’re only doing one surf lesson per day because you have the time and energy to do extra activities such as river kayaking, ocean rafting and/or kangaroo golf.

I was super tired after my surf lessons to make the most of the upgrade, but one activity I did participate in was the Kangaroo Golf and it was a lot of fun. Basically it’s just a normal driving range but the cool thing about it is that there are hundreds of wild kangaroos that live in the area. This is especially exciting for international traveler’s who have never seen Australian wildlife in it’s natural habitat. Wild kangaroos are frightened of humans (unlike the kangaroos you’ll see in a zoo) so it was very difficult but I eventually managed to get the typical tourist selfie with one of the roos!

Spot X Mojo Surf Camp Kangaroo Selfie

Another thing you can do here is apply for the Mojo Surf Academy and spend another 3 months here learning to become a qualified surf instructor.

Overall I really loved my experience at the Spot X Mojo Surf Camp and highly recommend these guys if you’re wanting to learn how to surf in Australia. Beware though, surfing is a lot harder than it looks! πŸ˜›

I don’t work as a travel agent anymore so you can’t book through me, but I do recommend to book your Spot X Surf Camp through Nomads World.

Do you feel inspired to go surfing in Australia? Leave us a comment…

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14 thoughts on “Surfing At Spot X Mojo Surf Camp

  1. Omg this is totally something I need! I have been wanting to surf and I thinm I would be better at it than at my terrible attempts of snowboarding! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah for sure and it really depends on location and conditions. For example in the mornings at Spot X I felt like I was awesome at surfing and in the afternoons when the waves were different sometimes I just couldn’t stand up. Every day is different too πŸ™‚

  2. I love the surf vibe! I’ve done a couple of surf lessons in Portugal and in January I’m attending a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco. Hope to surf in Australia one day too! πŸ˜€

  3. This makes me want to learn how to surf again!!! I am really surprised to learn that they allow people to hit golf balls in the direction where kangaroos are. Maybe I am missed read something, but if not that sounds harmful to them πŸ™

    1. It’s actually a real golf course where wild kangaroos come to to hang out when noones there, but wild kangaroos are scared of people so they run away whenever they see them. It took a lot of effort and very slow movements to get close to the one in my photo, and as soon as I snapped the pic he left. So obviously no golf balls are hit unless the kangaroos have bounced away 😊

  4. Hi, I am heading there coming April for my course. I am not a beginner so I was wondering is the condition is good enough for me to practice the more advanced maneuvers? XO

    1. Hey Jane, thanks for reaching out! Yeah the conditions are perfect for beginners to advanced. Once I got the hang of it my instructor let me do some advanced manoeuvres, they are really good with meeting you where you’re at πŸ™‚

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