Best Restaurants In Ubud: From Budget to Fine Dining

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Ubud on any budget, or just seeking the best places to work online whilst sipping on a soy cap, then you’re in the right place. Ubud is a very spiritual part of Bali and is also well known for it’s healthy/organic/raw/vegan/vegetarian restaurants and cafes, as well as Indonesian cuisine – so you have to visit!

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Our Balinese host Ayu made us special home-made breakfasts each morning for a whole 2 months (so yum!) but the rest of our meals were eaten at the many restaurants around Ubud. As you can imagine, after eating out 3-4 times a day, we tried a lot of food and a lot of restaurants in Ubud so were able to put together a list of our favourite places to eat in town. Here are all our recommendations…

Budget Friendly Restaurants In Ubud

First of all I want to share with you super cheap restaurants in Ubud that we ate at daily. Anywhere you go in Bali you’ll find that it’s ‘cheap’ compared to a lot of places around the world, but that means you’re more likely to splurge! Money can get drained pretty fast in Bali but in saying that, if you’re good at sticking to budgets then your dollars can in fact go a really long way.

Warung Lokal

In our opinion, our street was the best for restaurants in Ubud: Jalan Gootama. We would occasionally explore the fancy eateries but Warung Lokal was our daily place for cheap food. The Balinese family who run the restaurant are so nice and their food is really good. Our favourite meals there are mie goreng noodles IDR25k ($2.50AUD), and their unique kentang goreng hot chips IDR25k ($2.50AUD). Cold coconuts there are only IDR15k ($1.50AUD)!

Restaurants in Ubud Warung Lokal


HJ, just next door, is also really cheap and they do amazing smoothies! For dinner we’d often get tempe curry IDR25k ($2.50AUD), mmmmm.

Restaurants in Ubud Healthy Juice

Bia Bia

Bia Bia restaurant (on the same street) do delicious Bifun Goreng rice noodles and all kinds of yummy soups. They are also super cheap but be aware that they charge service fees on top of the bill. Bia Bia open a bit later than most of the nearby restaurants so plan to go there in the afternoon/evening.

Restaurants in Ubud Bia Bia

Binar Warung

Another of our favourite restaurants in Ubud, located a bit of a walk outside the city centre: Binar Warung. Our favourites there were Mi Goreng noodles for only IDR15k ($1.50AUD) and Gado Gado just IDR18k ($1.80AUD).

Restaurants in Ubud Binar Warung

Sania’s House

The small entrance to Sania’s House is located in the heart of the Ubud Markets, but you wouldn’t know as it’s so peaceful once you come through. It literally looks like a royal palace and we were shocked at how cheap the food was! As cheap as IDR15k ($1.50AUD) for a huge meal. Even though their service wasn’t the best and the food took ages, they have the best Gado Gado dish in town (green veggies with tempe and peanut sauce) so they had to be included on our best restaurants in Ubud list.

Restaurants in Ubud Sania's House

Warung Lokal at Ubud Markets

Another cheap local restaurant is the Warung Lokal at the Ubud markets. It’s a long wait but the portions are huge and most meals are only IDR20k-30k ($2-$3AUD) so great value for money. It’s a very basic looking restaurant but a convenient cheap place to eat while wandering around the markets.

And now for the non-Indonesian budget friendly restaurants…

Umah Pizza (Italian)

Umah Pizza is really good for Italian pizzas! You can get a 30inch pizza for IDR40K ($4AUD) or 20inch for IDR25k ($2.50AUD) and they come straight from the wood-fire oven. The smoothies are also really good and the service is excellent. Umah Pizza was a bit far to walk from where we were staying but every time we hired the scooter we were sure to take a visit here. They also do dessert pizzas!

Restaurants in Ubud Umah Pizza

Mama Mia (Italian)

But during our final week in Ubud we discovered Mama Mia, another Italian restaurant with amazing pizzas not far from home. We came here almost every day towards the end of our stay!

Restaurants in Ubud Mama Mia

Warung Sharaswhaty (Indian Vegetarian)

If you’re a fan of Indian food like we are then you’ll love our favourite budget-friendly Indian restaurants in Ubud, Warung Sharaswhaty. Pretty much everything on the menu is under IDR$50k ($5AUD) including service tax, and sooo yummy.

Restaurants in Ubud Sharaswhaty

Working Spaces + Good Coffee


Hubud is a pretty famous co-working space in Ubud for digital nomads. It’s 2-stories tall and has a nice garden area for networking or simply hanging out. It’s open 24/7 and even has a cafe inside called the Living Food Lab. Anyone can enter Hubud, but I’m telling you in advance that the wifi is weak unless you have a membership. A one day membership is $20US (which i think is a huge rip off when you can get wifi for free at laptop friendly cafes) or monthly memberships range between $30-$275US depending on the package. More info:

Restaurants in Ubud Hubud

Tip: You need European adaptors in Bali.

Seniman’s Coffee Studio

After realising we didn’t actually need a co-working space, we went on a search for laptop-friendly cafes with good wifi + good coffee, and thankfully found Seniman’s Coffee Studio. From my experience the barristas here make the best coffee in Bali! There’s a real coffee culture at Seniman’s and they even run coffee brewing workshops. The wifi is excellent and you’ll find the cafe filled with digital nomads working away on their laptop. We got a lot of work done here and met some cool people, this is absolutely one of our favourite restaurants in Ubud.

Restaurants in Ubud Seniman's Coffee Studio

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Monsieur Spoon

One of our favourite cafes in Canggu is also in UbudMonsieur Spoon is a French Bakery that do amazing coffee, croissants, and brunch specials. We came here whenever we wanted a change of scenery.


People love this place and it has a great reputation (and good coffee too!) but when I was there the wifi wasn’t working so I ended up having to use my personal hotspot to use the laptop. But I’m thinking that maybe it was just that day, so I’d still recommend to check this place out if you get the chance.

Restaurants in Ubud Kafe

Tip: If you want handy internet in Bali wherever you go, without relying on wifi, get an XL SIM card with 5GB of data. But don’t pay more than IDR75k ($7.50AUD) – sometimes the locals see you’re are a tourist and completely overcharge for the same thing.

Fresh Coconuts

Staying hydrated in Bali is a must and there are plenty of fresh coconuts to go around, nothing better than a cold coconut water when you’re thirsty! These are the main places I’d get my fresh coconut from each day…

Ubud Markets

We got a refrigerated coconut water at the Ubud Markets almost every day for only IDR20k ($2AUD). Just look for this sign when you’re strolling through and you’ll find a small entrance leading to the coconut goodness. I would’ve had overlooked the place if it weren’t for the sign that was so overtly placed.

Restaurants in Ubud Markets

Vege Karma

If you’re on the ‘Yoga Barn side of town’ then there’s a place called Vege Karma that also do cold coconuts for IDR22k including tax ($2.20AUD) and they have good free wifi too.

Restaurants in Ubud Vege Karma

The Yoga Barn

Sometimes if I didn’t feel like crossing the busy main road to Vege Karma I’d just get a warm coconut from The Yoga Barn to stay hydrated straight after class – only IDR20k ($2AUD).

Super Healthy And/Or Must Try Restaurants In Ubud

Here are all our recommendations for the best restaurants in Ubud that are either super healthy and delicious, or a must try because of the amazing views you get while you eat. Most of these restaurants are still very affordable for the western traveller, especially if you’re on holidays with a bigger budget.

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Clear Cafe

Clear Cafe was by far one of our favourite restaurants in Ubud. Such a cool layout and the food is amazing (you’ve got to try the vegetarian burritos or the Indian plate!)

Restaurants in Ubud Clear Cafe

Cafe Lotus

Cafe Lotus looks over the beautiful Saraswati Temple temple and is a good place for smoothies. It’s easy to miss though..the entrance is on the main road next to Starbucks, and the temple is free to enter.

Restaurants in Ubud Lotus Cafe

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn was the only place in Ubud that I ordered breakfast food (since we had free breakfast with our accommodation) and I highly recommend it.

Restaurants in Ubud Yoga Barn

Seeds Of Life

Everything on the menu at Seeds Of Life is super super healthy, with plenty of vegan/vegetarian options. We came here a few times to try the specials they have on different days of the week.

Restaurants in Ubud Seeds Of Life


SOMA has really relaxed tropical vibes, and the food there is very fresh. I love what their brand is about as they really do put a lot of emphasis on health. Can’t find any photos on my phone from this place but google it and you’ll see what I mean!

The Elephant

For amazing smoothies and the opportunity to swim in this pool head to The Elephant cafe. The food menu has plenty of vegan/vegetarian options (as always in Ubud) but it’s a bit far out from the city centre so you’d ideally need a lift to get here.

Restaurants in Ubud The Elephant


Eating at Kismet is quite an experience. The food is healthy and delicious and the service is excellent. When seated you get a cold towel to cool off from the heat and a glass of infused water. When you’re ready to order you just switch on the light above your head and a staff member will come straight to your table. Kismet also have a retail shop around the corner that sells clothes and accessories, where you can also order coffee/drinks.

Restaurants in Ubud Kismet

Atman Cafe

Incase you haven’t noticed I LOVE burritos and Atman Cafe have pretty good one on the menu. However, the first time we went there, there was literally glass inside my burrito (and they didn’t even give me a refund)! But a few weeks later we went to the Vegetarian Atman Cafe (there are two) further down the street and had a great experience. The views at the vegetarian Atman Cafe were amazing, so I definitely recommend going to that one (it may be more hygienic in the kitchen too!)

Restaurants in Ubud Atman Cafe

Tropical View Cafe

Riverside Cafe on the famous monkey forest street, also has beautiful views looking over rice fields!

Pundi Pundi

Pundi Pundi is a great restaurant option that doesn’t break the bank if you’re already on ‘the Yoga barn side of town.’ It’s a nice place to sit with good views by a pond. When you’re there I recommend trying the lotus nasi goreng, it literally comes out wrapped in a lotus leaf.

Restaurants in Ubud Pundi Pundi

Bali Buddha & Earth Cafe

There’s also Bali Buddha and the Earth Cafe that a lot of people seem to rave on about but we found them to be expensive for what you get compared to the other restaurants mentioned in this article. But still try them and see for yourself.

SenS Hotel

If you really want to treat yourself to fine dining, we recommend the restaurant at SenS Hotel. We spent our last night in Ubud indulging in their mouth watering dishes and got to know the local cuisine on a whole new level. The food was incredible (we even got to meet the head chef) and the service was excellent.

SenS Hotel have also offered our readers (aka you!) 20% off their room rates which is insane. Just use the code ‘brit&blonde’ or follow this link to claim your savings!

Restaurants In Ubud SenS Hotel
Restaurants In Ubud Cocktails
Cheers for reading all the way through to the end, good luck with your trip! Sandy x

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Was this guide useful? Are there any more restaurants in Ubud that you’d add to this list? Leave us a comment…

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  1. Great list! I have been to most of these but a few I haven’t and will definitely try.

    You missed the best restaurant in Ubud, Hujan Locale (Local Rain) – I would eat there every day if I could!

    Thanks for putting the list together

  2. Great list! I’d also add The Onion Collective as a FREE (yes, that’s right) co-working space (with free for use swimming pool and a good restaurant and accommodation, too!)

    The second place I’d add is: Made In Ubud. Lovely cafe at the end of the city heading north to rice fields.

  3. When I want to treat myself I go to Sage restaurant in Nyuh Kuning. Very special and delicious vegan food. Eat there often!!

  4. Love the list, there are lots of trendy cafes and hip restaurants but not many are willing to explore the locals, well done. Love the elephant and check locavore-to-go for a more affordable version.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sarah, yeah couldn’t seem to find much info on cheap local warungs which is what most budget-backpackers would look for, so put a list together myself. But when in Ubud you still have to try all the trendy places 😉

  5. I love Ubud! Perfect list that I will most definitely refer back to next time I head to Ubud, I missed so many of these last time 🙁

  6. I love that you have included restaurants for all budgets! We are heading to Ubud soon so this is a massive help! Atman Cafe looks great and love your working space section too! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. We honeymooned in Bali and we’ve been to a few of these on the list 🙂 Will have to bookmark for our next trip!

  8. Such an extensive list, I love that you have covered all budget range. Sania’s House and Cafe Lotus look lush! I will definitely keep your post in mind when I visit Ubud.

  9. I love that you put a variation of prices for dining! We’re the same when we travel, we like to try a little of everything. I’m glad you included cafes because that is SO important on a trip lol!

    1. Yeah especially if you’re travelling long-term you want to know all the places that will save you money so you can splurge a little on occasion 😉 yes I love good cafes!

  10. Finally one list that I feel that it was really lived.

    I am digital nomad as well, and I found your list really helpful.

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    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Francesco. Glad this guide was useful. We’re returning to Bali soon and will be updating this list if we discover and new eateries 😄

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