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This is a guest post written by Jessica Watson, Editorial Manager at We absolutely love Bali and encourage anyone and everyone to visit, and this post is full of great tips specifically for couples travelling to Bali. Enjoy!

Numerous couples love to travel the world, and they spend weeks every year travelling from one destination to another. Somewhere on the way they can pack up their bags for an island adventure in Bali.

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The good thing about traveling to Bali is that couples can have an amazing vacation without spending a ton of money. Everything on the island is reasonably priced, so you can feel like you’ve been treated like royalty by the time you leave for their next adventure.

Here are 7 helpful tips for all couples traveling to Bali…

1. Research Accommodations

Five-star resorts are all over Bali, but couples will not want to overlook the numerous guest houses that are available as well. Most of the guest houses rival the crème dela crème resorts on the island and include breakfast, a clean room, and a toiletry restocking every day. These homes even have spectacular pools surrounded by lush gardens and beautiful scenery. They are an option for couples who want a little more solitude and privacy than a resort can offer.

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2. Spas

Spa treatments are normally quite expensive, but in Bali you can enjoy multiple spa treatments every day without coming close to paying the cost of one treatment in other areas of the world. It is a fabulous way for couples to relax while getting spoiled together. There are quite a few places to go for spa treatments and you may want to try a couple of different ones during your vacation to see what you prefer.

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3. Spend Time Outdoors

There are times when couples choose to spend a lot of time indoors, but in Bali you’ll want to be outside a lot. There is so much to explore on the island, and a plethora of activities to do as well. Couples can learn to surf with an instructor for a reasonable price or head out in the water for a snorkel, or simply hike around the island. The beauty of the island makes it worthwhile to be outside in nature instead of cooped up in a room.  

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4. Learn About The Culture

97% of locals in Bali are devout Hindus, and couples should take the opportunity to learn more about their culture. There are religious celebrations, ceremonies, and festivals every week where you can immerse yourself into the lives of Balinese locals. You need a sarong in order to enter any of the temples, which can either be purchased or rented before entering.  

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5. Eat Local Foods When Possible

In Bali you can purchase Western foods or foods that you’re used to eating. However, it is a lot cheaper to dine out if you choose to eat local foods. There are quite a few authentic foods that every couple must try when they visit Bali. Nasi Jenggo is a dish of steamed rice, tempe, shredded chicken, noodles, shredded coconut, and a spicy sauce that is covered with banana leaves. Babi Guling is a suckling pig dish with crispy skin and tender succulent meat. Rujakkuahpindang is a Balinese fruit salad that is served with a spicy fish sauce. Another must try food is the Tipatcantok, which is rice cakes with vegetables and tofu that is seasoned with ground peanut sauce. Any couple visiting Bali on a hot day will also want to savor Esdaluman, green grass jelly served with coconut milk, ice, and sweet syrup.  

If you’re heading to either Ubud or Canggu then be sure to head to our ‘Best restaurants in Ubud‘ and ‘Our guide to restaurants & cafes in Canggu‘ posts for personal favourites.

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6. Transportation

Couples have a wealth of opportunities for transportation in Bali, which is always welcome for a vacation. You can either grab a taxi or private van to get where you want to go, or if you love a little more adventure in your days, you can rent a scooter or bicycle and explore the island that way.

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7. Venture Away From The Tourist Areas

Most tourists stay down in the Southern area of Bali, which is why it tends to be the more expensive part of the island. However, the Northern part of the island is just as beautiful. There are plenty of sights to see up there, as well as magnificent beaches for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

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Many couples will love this type of vacation!

This guest post was written by Jessica Watson, Editorial Manager at Thank you so much for sharing.

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