10 Indonesian Dishes For Vegetarians

If you’ve been following along on Instagram @adventures.with.sandy you’d know that we’ve been in Indonesia for over 6 weeks now. We’ve chosen Bali as a place to live because it’s super cheap and it’s also an excuse to eat out 3-4 times a day…so we’ve had our fair share of Indonesian food already!

Here’s a list of 10 vegetarian dishes you must try when in Indonesia…

1. Mi Goreng (Noodles with Vegetables & Egg)

Indonesian Mi Goreng

2. Bifun Goreng (Rice Noodles with Vegetables & Egg)

Indonesian Bifun Goreng

3. Nasi Goreng (Rice with Vegetables & Egg)

Indonesian Nasi Goreng

4. Nasi Goreng Lotus (Rice with Vegetables & Egg cooked in a Lotus Leaf)

The Lotus Leaf that the rice is cooked in really does affect the overall taste of the meal.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng Lotus

5. Tempe Goreng (Indonesian Tofu)

Tempe tofu is much tastier than ‘normal’ tofu!

Indoensian Tempe Goreng

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6. Gado Gado (Green Vegetables with Tempe & Peanut Sauce)

Indonesian Gado Gado

7. Tempe Sayur (Green Vegetables with Tempe & Soy Sauce)

Tempe Sayur can be very salty alone so is usually eaten with rice as well.

Indonesian Tempe Sayur

8. Tempe Curry (Tempe with Vegetables & Curry Sauce)

Indonesian Tempe Curry

9. Balinese Satay (Vegetable Skewers with Satay Sauce)

Balinese Satay is usually made with chicken but you can ask for a vegetarian version.

Indonesian Balinese Satay

10. CapCay Soup (Vegetable Soup with Indonesian Spices)

Indonesian CapCay

Besides these Indonesian dishes be sure to try Balinese Pancakes or Banana Toasties for breakfast, our hosts in Ubud made the best!

Also, don’t forget to try the many exotic fruits in Indonesia during your stay, they’re delicious.

If you’re heading to either Ubud or Canggu then be sure to head to our ‘Best restaurants in Ubud‘ and ‘Our guide to restaurants & cafes in Canggu‘ posts for personal favourites.

So next time you travel to Indonesia I hope you enjoy experiencing local cuisine and try all of these Indonesian dishes. Happy travels!

What’s your favourite Indonesian dish? Have you tried any of these before? Leave us a comment below…

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17 thoughts on “10 Indonesian Dishes For Vegetarians

  1. Any post about food is a winner with me 😂 I’m not vegetarian but I tend to avoid meat when I travel as a precaution, particularly chicken. Loved all these dishes when I was there too! Thanks for making me crave them haha

  2. Those pancakes!! I’m heading to Bali in September and have heard such great things about the food. I’m not properly vegetarian but try to eat veggie as much as possible so this list should definitely come in handy 😀

  3. Such drool worthy food! I loved the green Balinese pancakes! Thanks for being so thoughtful towards vegetarians (I am not one but my husband is)

    1. I’m not either but really enjoy vegetarian food and try my best to reduce the amount of meat I do have. Hopefully your husband can get some good ideas from this post <3

  4. Yum. I recently spent a month in Indonesia was so pleased to have so many great veg options. I have tried most of these. I LOVE Gado Gado!!!

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