7 Coastal Towns To Explore In The South of Gran Canaria

South Coast of Gran Canaria Amadores

We arrived in Gran Canaria 5 weeks ago and have since been volunteering in a hostel and exploring the South coast of the island. We love it here! If you ever travel to the Canary Islands, we definitely recommend to visit the South of Gran Canaria.

Here is a list of coastal towns you can explore while you’re here…

1. Playa Del Ingles

When we first got to The South of Gran Canaria we noticed we were surrounded by a much older crowd. At first it was a shock but then we realised it makes sense to retire here since the weather is perfect and the country is cheap to live in. But when we arrived in Playa Del Ingles for a festival, we were amazed at how many young people were around. This is a popular place for young people who like to party. With the help of espanol de espana, we were able to have interesting conversations with the locals.

Fact: Gran Canaria is considered the LGBT capital of Europe so in Playa Del Ingles you will find some crazy LGBT bars. And I say this from experience, the LGBT community sure knows how to party!

South of Gran Canaria Playa Del Ingles
(End of Carnival Beach Party at Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria)

2. Maspalomas

We caught a bus to Maspalomas (the biggest town in the South) and walked straight to the beach. It is HUGE, and takes a while to walk along it to get to the sand dunes.

South of Gran Canaria Maspalomas
(On a mission to find the sand dunes in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria)

They are one of the coolest places to see in The South of Gran Granaria, especially if you’ve never seen sand dunes before.

South of Gran Canaria Sand Dunes
(The Sand Dunes in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria)
Tip: Don’t walk too far past the dunes as you’ll arrive at the nudist beach, and you don’t want to go there (you’ll know why if you’ve been following our adventures on Facebook).

3. Arguineguin

There are a lot of locals who live in one of the bigger towns on the coast, Arguineguin, and by locals I mean there’s a large Norwegian community. They have a Norwegian school, church, health centre here and a popular Norwegian timeshare resort just outside of town. Just like all the other beach towns, Arguineguin has a beach, shops and restaurants, but I honestly didn’t find anything different nor better about this place compared to the rest of the coast.

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South of Gran Canaria Arguineguin
(Onboard the ferry at Arguineguin, Gran Canaria)

A benefit of it being one of the bigger towns though is that there is a ferry service here that takes you to all the popular ports on the coast.

4. Anfi

Anfi feels more like a holiday resort than a beach town..

South of Gran Canaria Anfi Resort
(Anfi, Gran Canaria)

Although the beach is still crowded, if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the busy towns come here to feel more tranquilo.

South of Gran Canaria Anfi
(Swimming in the clear waters at Anfi beach, Gran Canaria)

Also, the water at this beach is extremely clear.

South of Gran Canaria Anfi Clear Water
(Clear waters at Anfi Beach, Gran Canaria)

5. Amadores (Puerto Rico)

Amadores is probably my favourite beach in the South of Gran Canaria. To get here there’s a nice 20 minute coastal walk you can take from Puerto Rico, which is another big town similar to Arguineguin.

South of Gran Canaria Sunset
(Coastal walk to Playa De Amadores, Gran Canaria)

This beach has good vibes and lots of space so you don’t feel too cramped.

South of Gran Canaria
(Nothing like a day at the beach, Amadores beach)

6. Playa De Veneguera

This isn’t actually a town as such but definitely a beach we recommend visiting. Gran Canaria is one of many volcanically active islands in the Canary Islands so it’s natural beaches actually have black sand. Although I think these beaches are ugly, it’s so fascinating knowing that this sand is made from volcanic rock.

To get here from Puerto De Mogan you have to hike and it took us 2.5 hours to get there the short way, then 3 hours to get the long not-so-steep way back. This is also a cool place to camp for a night or two but if you do, make sure to bring everything you need as the nearest shops are back in Puerto De Mogan.

South of Gran Canaria Veneguera
(25km group hike to Veneguerra beach in Gran Canaria)

7. Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is my absolute favourite town in the South of Gran Canaria and is where we will call home for another couple of months.

South of Gran Canaria Puerto De Mogan
(Puerto De Mogan photographed by Julian, @juligab on Instagram)

It is the last town on the coast so it has the best views of the sunset, and it’s also surrounded by mountains, which make for the best hikes in Gran Canaria.

South of Gran Canaria Sunset
(Hiking to the best sunset point in Gran Canaria)

So these are the top coastal beach towns to visit in the South of Gran Canaria. I hope this article was helpful in planning your trip here.

Have you been to any of these places in the South of Gran Canaria before? Share your experience with us in a comment below…

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8 thoughts on “7 Coastal Towns To Explore In The South of Gran Canaria

  1. Great post! I loved the photos of all the different beaches, they look beautiful. This is making me have travel envy! I have heard that I should visit the Canary Islands and this is convincing me I should. Adding it to my list for next year.

  2. I have been to 3 of these purto rico , playa de ingles , maspolamas and on the 23rd of june going to porto morgan carmt wait love it here all of them intail diffrent things to do from markets to walking the dunes from playa to maspalomas
    Fantastic place to go ….

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