Our Blog Turns Two

If you’ve been following this blog from the start, thank you. Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve been sharing our life on here for so long, and sometimes I wonder why we even do it.

We don’t get paid to write, in fact if we did then a cherished hobby would probably turn into a job we despise. We just simply LOVE writing about our experiences, taking photos, making videos, and storing them in a thoughtfully designed ‘online scrapbook’ so we can look back on this and be reminded of all the amazing experiences we’ve had together. Regardless if anyone reads it.

Our Blog Turns Two

It’s also a way to express our creativity, just like anyone else (who doesn’t write a blog) who journals, draws, paints, or creates anything really, just for the fun of it. The difference is that we’ve documented our journey publicly, and detached from the outcome of anyone reading it or not. Though when we receive messages from readers who say we’ve inspired them on their life journey, it really does give it a bit more meaning. This is why we write in a way that others can gain value from our wins, mistakes and life experiences, just by taking the time to click on a post.

This blog has been a funnel for where expressing our passions has seeped through into the world. We’ve learned so much from blogging and gained a lot of skills over the past couple of years, that we can practically put to use in many different kinds of work outside of the blogosphere.

This short post is more of a personal reflection, published publicly, so that if you’re thinking about starting a blog of your own you might gain a little inspiration. It’s nice to look back on little wins we’ve achieved since our first year of blogging. Here are 15 of them from the past 12 months…

1. Published the first ever Guest Post to britandtheblonde.com.

2. Partnered with GPSMyCity to create article apps.

3. Were featured on Travelling Buzz.

4. Collaborated with upcoming travel bloggers to help them gain exposure and were featured on their websites.

5. Suffered from a lot of hateful opinions on an article published earlier this year, and managed to start writing again anyway.

6. Helped a couple of students from The University of Liverpool on a project they were working on.

7. Partnered with brands in South East Asia including an epic hostel in Singapore and restaurants throughout Bali (Canggu and Ubud), to create published reviews of their product(s).

8. Besides sharing many articles with travel tips, we wrote guides for Warsaw, Ljubljana, London, Canggu and Ubud.

9. From skills learned through blogging, Sandy got a job as a Social Media Manager for different businesses in the UK. Then earlier this year got offered a job as a travel agent, which led to travelling around Australia with many backpacker brands which added a lot of valuable content to the blog.

10. Added a Timeline to this website.

11. Started managing how much time we spend on important goals vs the hobby of writing, and have started to publish a new post once per fortnight instead of every week.

12. Published a total of 47 articles in the past 12 months.

13. Uploaded 8 new edited travel videos to The Brit & The Blonde YouTube Channel, a couple of which were for brands in Europe and Australia.

14. Recently partnered with many tourism brands on the Gold Coast to create new content on the blog!

We thankfully didn’t have expectations when creating this space, which is probably our number one tip if you’re thinking about starting a blog, so it’s been a really nice bonus to have experienced so many cool tours at discounted (or free of charge) rates in exchange for mentions throughout this blog and social media. And it’s all happened organically just by being ourselves on here and sharing things that we’re passionate about.

Here’s to another year of documenting our travels, thanks again for reading, and let’s see where the next year takes us!

By the way, if you’re thinking about starting a blog we recommend setting up your website hosting with our mate Steve – very reliable.

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8 thoughts on “Our Blog Turns Two

  1. congrats on the two years! you’ve done some quite impressive things! I wish I could pick your brain about that! super impressive what you have done!

  2. This is inspiring! I started my adventure blog for fun, just to document travels and exciting experiences. Then I wanted to start making money from it like so many others have done (and they make it look so easy). But you’re right! For blogging to be well done it must be fun! And I see you have been successful in doing something you love without selling out to the masses for a little (or a lot) of cash. Great article!

  3. You’ve achieved so much in the last two years! You guys must be super proud. Such a good idea to chronicle all your achievements as well. Here’s to another two years of success!

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