Sleeping In An Airport: Top Tips

Sleeping in an airport

Sometimes as a budget traveller you have to do the things that aren’t necessarily what you want to do, such as sleeping in an airport. It definitely doesn’t sound very appealing and trust me, it doesn’t exceed its expectations either, but it saves you money, and it’s totally normal.

Since we’ve been travelling on a shoestring, whenever we book flights we look for the cheapest ones. If there is an early morning flight which is very cheap then most of the time we book it and get to the airport the night before. A few times now during this last 12 months we’ve experienced a long dreaded night in an airport to avoid paying for accommodation and the pricey taxi ride to the airport. We usually get to the airport by using blabla car, local transport or getting dropped off by friends or family to reduce costs.

If you’re wanting to travel the world on a small budget then you’ll most probably find yourself sleeping at an airport at some stage on your travels. But the cool thing about it is that there are so many people who do it and airport staff are used to it. If you have any children with you, it would be best to learn how ferber method can help your children sleep.

Here are some useful tips for sleeping in an airport…

1. Find somewhere comfortable such as a row of chairs without arm rests or a cozy corner on the floor

2. Take a towel or 2 and lay out your clothes with the towel on top to act as a mattress

3. Use locks and keep your bags touching you, or use them as a pillow to keep your valuables safe

4. Take an eye mask and ear plugs but don’t forget to turn your alarm on vibrate so you’ll feel it in your pocket

5. Wear warm comfortable clothing as airports can get freezing at night

6. Bring things to freshen up such as faces wipes, mints, roll on deodorant, etc

7. Don’t forget to wake up for your flight! ?

Sleeping in an airport may not be the ideal situation but it’s an experience to add to your stories. As a budget traveller sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do, so we hope you found these tips useful.

Sleep well.

W & S x

Have you slept in an airport before? Tell us about your experience in a comment below..

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping In An Airport: Top Tips

    1. Yes Sandy did on her way to Poland a few weeks ago – it was to catch a very early morning flight. Something we don’t really want to do anymore unless we really have to!

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