8 Things To Know Before Travelling As A Couple

Travelling as a couple

What’s better than travelling the world with your other half?

Since we started travelling as a couple 2 years ago, we’ve had the most amazing times and created unforgettable memories.

But it ain’t always rainbows and butterflies like what it may seem through social media. We’ve had many highs during our travels but we’ve also experienced lows. Every experience teaches you more about yourself and your partner, and every mistake is a lesson learned.

Many people say that travel can either make or break a relationship. When you travel you’re constantly in different environments, doing new things and solving problems outside of your comfort zone. It can be very stressful at times, therefore a higher chance of disagreements to occur. You learn so much about someone by being in difficult situations with them and it’s probably better to find out how compatible you are with them sooner, rather than later, right? You may find that by getting through challenges together will create an unwavering bond between one another. Travel also improves health and happiness so we highly recommend packing your bags and going on a trip together!

From our experience so far, here are 8 things to know before travelling as a couple…

1. Consider Starting Your Travels Closer To Home

 If travelling as a couple is new to you, you might want to give it a trial run by travelling closer to home first. This is a great way to test your relationship without being too far away from home (just incase!)


2. Have a Rough Plan

Create a bucket-list by brainstorming where you want to go and what you want to do together. You might have completely different ideas and expectations for your travels so communication is the key when travelling as a couple. We spent months travelling without a plan but have since realised that when travelling as a couple it is important to stay on the same wavelength. Create a rough plan that you both agree on but still leave plenty of room for spontaneity.


3. Have Joint & Personal Savings

While travelling, disagreements often stem from money so be really clear on how much you are willing to budget on certain things. It’s great to have a joint travel fund that you can use when booking flights or activities together. However, we all have different priorities and one of you might spend more than the other, so we can say from experience that it’s convenient to keep separate savings for the personal stuff.


4. Make Quality Time For Each Other

Yeah you’re always together on your travels, but that doesn’t mean you’re spending quality time. Once per week dress to impress and take each other out on a date. Make sure you both know the difference between time together and quality time, so that you can both fully commit to being present to strengthen your relationship.


5. Give Each Other Space

As important as quality time is, so is giving each other space on your travels. If you’re together 24/7 we can bet you’ll get sick of each other.  You might start annoying one another just because you’re bored, know that feeling? Avoid becoming dependent on your partner by making friends with other travellers or going off to do your own thing every now and then. From experience we know that absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder.


6. Eat Before You Get Hangry (Hungry & Angry)

This is an important one! Don’t leave the house on an empty stomach, especially if you’re a budget traveller. When you’re hungry and can’t find food that won’t break the bank, you can easily get annoyed at little things. Have some kind of structure to your day regarding meals and pack snacks to avoid your hunger turning into ‘hanger.’


7. Compromise  

You’re gonna disagree on things whilst travelling together, it is inevitable. So talk to your partner regularly about how you feel and be honest about what you want to do. You obviously love each other and want to continue travelling together so there will be many times where you’ll just have to compromise.


8. Kiss and make up quickly

Ok so if you do have a blow out which could happen…then what? Definitely don’t let it escalate. Go get some fresh air and give each other some space again. Then kiss, make up and get over it as soon as possible. Be grateful, you’re travelling the world together remember?


So there you go, 8 things to know before travelling as a couple. We hope our tips help to prepare you on your journey ahead. Happy travels!

Will & Sandy

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6 thoughts on “8 Things To Know Before Travelling As A Couple

  1. These are some good tips! Especially the one about meeting new people. When I was travelling by myself it was so easy to meet new people, but when you’re with a partner it’s easy to get comfortable just hanging out with each other and you miss out on one of the best parts of travelling.

    1. Thanks Nikkola ? We are constantly meeting new people and making friends from around the world. It is so important for couples to not get too comfortable in their own little bubble?

  2. Those are some very good tips! I think the most important part when traveling as a couple is compromising. There are always situations when the partners have different opinions about something and somebody has to compromise. However, I love traveling with my partner!

  3. Eat Before You Get Hangry… love this one of the list. I would totally relate to this. You feel hungry and then you can’t find anything around to eat. Ooops…. then your mind get messed up. Frankly, my husband and I have skipped site seeing and returned to the hotel or food market because we got really hungry and could not go on another step.

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