Top 10 Must See Attractions in Paris

Must See Attractions in Paris

Last week I wrote about Why You Shouldn’t Let Terrorism Stop You From Travelling To Paris so since we visited Paris recently, today I’m sharing what to do in this beautiful city… There’s a lot more to France than Paris (which we’re currently experiencing in Central France), but if you’re coming for a swift visit with little time then here are the Top 10 Must See Attractions in Paris…

1. Eiffel Tower

Must See Attractions in Paris

You cannot come to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. You will learn a lot about Mr Eiffel and his amazing piece of architecture.

Must See Attractions In Paris Eiffel Tower View
(View from the Second Floor of the Eiffel Tower)

When I visited Paris in 2012 I caught the lift up to the very top, but this time we decided to walk up the stairs, which was actually a lot easier than expected and good exercise. It’s only €5 and the queue to walk is usually a lot shorter.

2. Montmartre

Must See Attractions In Paris Montmartre
(The “Artist Area” in Montmartre)

Montmartre is a large hill in Paris famous for cafes and artists. You’ll find many extremely talented artists painting on the streets and will have the opportunity to get a painted portrait of yourself. I did this in 2012 but happened to choose the wrong artist that didn’t make me look too flattering (unlucky!)

Must See Attractions in Paris Montmartre

This time we decided to order crepes at one of the main restaurants in the “artist area” but BEWARE, it wasn’t until we sat down and got comfortable that we noticed the prices on the menu. €6.80 is by far the most I’ve ever paid for coffee in my entire life! It was worth it.

3. Sacré Coeur Basilica

Must See Attractions in Paris Sacre Coeur Basilica

You can walk up the steps to the very top of the hill of Montmartre and find a beautiful church called Sacré Coeur (Sacred Heart). When you stand at the front of this building you see breathtaking views of Paris. So nice that both times that I’ve been here I’ve felt emotional. I was so delighted to see the harp player whose CD I bought a few years ago, still playing his beautiful tunes on the steps below.

Must See Attractions in Paris Sacre Coeur
(The view from Sacre Coeur overlooking Paris)

4. Champs Elysées

This street is famous for designer brand shopping. People literally come from all over the world to shop here. It’s not really my thing but its very nice to take a stroll through here, especially at Christmas time because of all the festive vibes at the Christmas markets. My friend Alizée, who we stayed with in Paris, also recommends visiting the famous macaroon restaurant called Ladurée at Champs Elysées. Apparently it has the best macaroons in the world which you can tell from just seeing the queues outside.

Attractions in Paris Christmas Markets
(Christmas Markets at Champs Elysees, Paris)

5. Arc De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe is located at the end of Champs Elysées. This monument is so much bigger in real life than what you see in pictures, it is HUGE.

Must See Attractions In Paris Arc De Triomphe

And is actually in the middle of a massive round about, which is so big that it doesn’t even have lanes and the locals just drive wherever they want! If you’ve been to Paris before you’ll know how crazy the traffic is, especially around the Arc De Triomphe. You must be a very confident driver to drive here and the smaller the car, the better.

6. Louvre

Must See Attractions in Paris Louvre

Louvre is a huge museum where the famous Mona Lisa artwork can be found. It is important to not underestimate the time you’ll need to walk through this museum (it could take you a week to see everything properly). If ever you’re wondering, are the masters in moving art to preserve their current state and to prevent art theft.

Must See Attractions in Paris Inside Louvre
(Inside Louvre)

When I came here in 2012 we had an hour to kill before leaving to go back to the airport so we thought fitting in a visit to see the Mona Lisa was do-able… We ended up running through all of the floors and corridors inside the museum just to find this piece of art, take a quick photo and run back to the entrance. In the end we actually missed our flight (oops!)

7. Jardin Des Tuileries

Must See Attractions in Paris Jardin Des Tuilleries

Just next to Louvre is Jardin Des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden). It is probably the most peaceful part of Paris and reminds me of Hyde Park in London. A great place to come to take a break, relax, go for walks and/or have a picnic by the fountains.

8. Cathédrale Notre Dame

Must See Attractions In Paris Notredame

There is a lot of French history involved with the Cathedral of Notre Dame and I recognise it from the Disney movie, ‘The Hunchback from Notre-Dame’ I used to watch as a kid. The gargoyles at the top of the building look just like the characters from the movie and the architecture is very impressive.

9. Disneyland Paris

This was my first time in Disneyland and it was awesome! It was great to escape what adults call ‘reality’ and just be a kid again.

Must See Attractions In Paris Disneyland

We came at low season so a lot of the park was closed due to renovations but we didn’t mind because it meant that we got discounted tickets and only had to wait 5-10minutes for rides (in high season each wait can be more the 2 hours!) I’d definitely recommend coming here with kids, as it would probably make the experience a lot funner.

10. Moulin Rouge

Must See Attractions in Paris Moulin Rouge

‘The Moulin Rouge’ used to be one of my favourite movies so it’s been on my bucket-list to see a show here for a few years now. There are shows on every night and generally cost around 200€, which also includes dinner and drinks. The event is quite classy so since we didn’t have the right attire with us, we’re going to save this attraction for next time.

Tip: If you’re travelling on a budget, I’ve seen tickets for late shows without dinner and drinks up for 77€.

Must See Attractions in Paris Eiffel Tower

So there you go, your Top 10 Must See Attractions In Paris. If you’re looking for a more authentic way to experience these attractions, you can book a local guide to take you on a private tour of Paris here.

Bon Voyage!

{Update: After this post was written, Will and I went to Paris again and realised we must also recommend to check out this giant Christmas tree at The Gallerie Lafayette if you plan to travel in Paris during the Christmas period. It looks different every year!}

Attractions in Paris The Gallerie Lafayette
(The famous Christmas tree at The Gallerie Lafayette in Paris)

Have I missed any other must see attractions in Paris? Leave us a comment below…

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  1. There are several small museums in the old villas in the eighth arrondissement:.

    Disneyland Paris is transformed for Halloween and by visiting at this time you can experience things that are not available at any other time of year.
    Eurocamp also keep the whole family entertained with a wide range of activities, depending
    on location, and a choice of kids clubs to cater for all ages.

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