Exploring The City Of Porto

At the end of 2015 we were planning our New Years trip to Portugal and thought we may as well spend a couple of days exploring the city of Porto first before travelling down to Lisbon for New Years Eve.

Porto boat river
(The River Douro is very popular for river and sunset cruises. Its definitely got the ‘romance factor’)

As soon as we arrived in Porto we knew straight away that 2 days just simply wasn’t going to be enough time to see everything Porto and it’s surrounding areas had to offer, so since our hostel was conveniently located quite central we just explored the main part of the city.

Porto Church
(One of the many iconic churches planted around the city)
Porto side street
(You’ll see graffiti on every street corner)
Porto washing
(And most likely someone’s washing hanging above your head)

Most of our time was spent walking around the city, feeling the vibes and doing one of our favourite travel activities…people watching! We went in search for budget restaurants and didn’t have to look very far because they were everywhere, with meals starting at around €4.

Porto people watching
(People watching is a great way to learn about the culture)
Porto Food
(The very popular Francesinha. Made up of bread, ham, steak, melted cheese and egg, served with fries…)

We tried the ‘must eat when in Porto’ Portuguese dish ‘Francesinha.’ Sandy reckons it’s the most unhealthy dish she’s ever had, but it was very filling. Porto is also famous for it’s Port (one of our newest favourite beverages) so we had to buy a bottle. It was cheap since it is made right across the city’s main bridge.

Porto bridge sunset
(The Dom Luis Bridge crossing the River Douro. The top deck is reserved for the local tram and pedestrians. It offers fantastic views of the city)

On our first day we were greeted with some beautiful weather, around 18 degrees and sunny, which was a nice surprise! It allowed us to capture some beautiful GoPro shots of Porto. We hung around the river and noticed a lot of other couples. It’s a very romantic place for an evening stroll and to watch the sun set.

Porto river and sky
(The sunset over the River Douro)

On the second day of our stay it was raining all day so after a few hours of exploring all the side streets with our umbrella, we decided we’d call it a day. We spent our last night drinking Port and watching movies on the bean bags at our hostel which was a nice way to end our trip.

Overall we found Porto to be a very beautiful city with good vibes, and plenty to see and do. We’d definitely recommend having a few days here if you ever travel to Portugal, and if you’d like a personalised experience you can book a local guide to give you a private tour of the city here.

Is Porto on your list of cities to visit? Or have you been here before? Leave us a comment…

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