10 Things To Do In Puerto De Mogan

Puerto De Mogan Birdseye View

As I mentioned in my previous post, 7 Beach Towns To Explore in the South of Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogan is by far my favourite place on the island. The mountains in the middle of Gran Canaria block off almost all the rain from ever reaching Puerto de Mogan, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy summer weather all year round.

We’ve been living here for the past couple of months and loving the island lifestyle. Here are 10 things we’ve discovered that you must do if you ever visit Puerto De Mogan…

1. Stay in Volver Beach Hostel

Honestly you won’t regret it. This place is by far the best place to stay in Puerto De Mogan and is an attraction in itself. You will meet so many cool people here and feel totally relaxed.

Puerto De Mogán Volver Hostel
(Modelling for the Volver Beach Hostel website)


Puerto De Mogán Volver Beach Hostel
(Will pretending he knows how to play the guitar, Volver Beach Hostel)

2. Tan on the Beach

Mogan beach is man-made and small but that doesn’t stop the hundreds of tourists enjoying it.

Puerto De Mogán Beach
(Playa De De Mogán, Gran Canaria)

Tip: Try to avoid coming here in high season (winter) if you don’t like packed beaches.

Or you could relax by the rocks.

Puerto De Mogán Rocks

3. Take a stroll to the Marina

Puerto De Mogan is a popular stop-over spot for sailors waiting for the right time to cross the Atlantic ocean. It’s also an excellent place to go out for a meal with a variety of restaurants in the area.


Fun fact: It can be echoey in the sidestreets  of Puerto De Mogan because years ago the streets were designed so the fisherman’s wives could yell down to their husbands at the marina.

4. Visit the Sunset Point

Ahh the famous sunset point…Since Puerto De Mogan is the last town on the coast it is THE best spot to watch the sun set on the island. It never gets boring and sometimes we get to see our neighbouring island, Tenerife.

Puerto De Mogán Sunset
(The famous ‘Sunset Point’, Puerto De Mogán)

There’s loads of positive vibes here, especially on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when Mosé comes to play the guitar for everyone. The rocks also remain warm here after the sun has set, which I find really amazing.

Puerto De Mogán Sunset Point
(Photograph by Julian: Instagram @juligab)

5. Take the Stairs to Mirador (Look-Out)

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to walking up all these stairs to the hostel every day let alone going even further up to the look-out. But it’s so worth it when you get to the top because you can see all of Puerto De Mogan.

Puerto De Mogán Stairs
(Photographed by Julian: Instagram @juligab)

 We usually hike the steep hill past Mirador for another 10 minutes to get an even better view of the town.

6. Hike to the Mountains

Puerto De Mogán is surrounded by mountains so you can hike for hours around the island. There are many different ways to go and the views of the ocean from the top of the hills are unreal. Check out these 5 best hikes in Gran Canaria.

Puerto De Mogán Veneguera
(Hiking to Veneguera beach in Gran Canaria, photographed by Julian: Instagram @juligab)
Puerto De Mogán Mountains
(Mountains in Gran Canaria, photographed by Julian: Instagram @juligab)

7. Take a Yoga Class

My yoga teacher Lenka teaches classes on the beach at 9.15am every morning from Monday-Friday and I definitely recommend her classes no matter what level you’re at with your yoga practice.

Puerto De Mogán Yoga

8. Stock up on Fruits & Veg at the Friday Markets

Friday morning is probably the most exciting time of the week in Puerto De Mogan because people travel from all over the island to stock up on fruits and vegetables from the local farmers. It’s the best feeling getting home to unpack a week’s worth of food!

Puerto De Mogán Markets

Tip: If you need to get food and it’s not market day then take a walk to SuperDino (supermarket). It has a larger variety of food and is generally cheaper than Spar.

9. Swim to the Caves

Grab a mask and snorkel and swim to the caves not far from the beach.

Puerto De Mogán Snorkeling

Tip: Check the tides before you go. We didn’t, and realised once we got there that there was no way of getting into the caves so we had to swim all the way back…just a bit of a workout.

10. Dive Deep Into The Big Blue

If you’re a diver we recommend diving with Gran Canaria Divers in Puerto de Mogan, where we obtained our PADI Diver certification. They do a range of dives including discovery, night dives and wreck dives.

Puerto De Mogán Dive

If you’ve never dived before you can do the ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ day or complete the Open Water Diving course in just a few short days to be certified to dive all around the world.

Puerto De Mogán Scuba Diving

So here are 10 things to do in Puerto De Mogan on the island of Gran Canaria. We’ve honestly had such a great time since we arrived to this stunning part of the world and definitely encourage you to visit Puerto De Mogan some day soon.

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12 thoughts on “10 Things To Do In Puerto De Mogan

  1. A beautiful article and such a fun to see my sister Piia having fun on many of your pretty pictures. Thank you for writing this! Hopefully we’ll get to return this lovely town together with Piia some day in the future, together 🙂

  2. Such a great article with some brilliant tips on what to do in Puerto de Mogán. Definitely going to be using this as a guide and super excited to dive with Gran Canaria Divers so thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Heading here in October great to read an article written in such an unbiased way by real people. Will definitely be trying out some of your recommendations. Keep enjoying your travels.

  4. Great article. Thank you. My partner and I are heading to the Radisson resort and Spa last week if September. We’ll defo try out your recommendations. Keep enjoying life!

  5. We are going to Playa de Morgan in September. Do you have any recommendations for restaurants please?

    1. Hi unfortunately we don’t have any specific restaurant recommendations, however the town is quite small so it is easy enough to walk around to find what draws you in. The Marina is always a good place to start 👌🏼

  6. We are thinking of going to Puerto de mogan in Novemeber 2020 for a month. Are restaurants and bars still open and is there still yoga? Thanks

    1. Hi Julia, we lived in Puerto De Mogan back in 2015 so are unsure of what the current situation is there during the 2020 corona virus pandemic. Best to check official government websites for details. Hopefully you can go, it is a beautiful part of the world!

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