Exploring The City Of Málaga

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After our romantic 3 days in Seville we headed for one of the most well known tourist spots in Spain, which is also the capital of Andalusia – Málaga!

We took a Blablacar from a very friendly Spanish student who gave us a few tips on what to see and do whilst in Málaga. When we arrived, we wandered around for an hour or so and got a bit of sweat on from our backpacks, so we found the nearest cafe and sat down for a smoothie and bite to eat.

Over lunch we gathered our bearings on google maps and searched for some cheap hostels on hostelworld. Within an hour we’d found a mid-rated hostel for 9euros per night…perfect…except it was 2km away. With the energy we gathered from lunch we walked along the coast to our hostel and spent the rest of the evening cooking up some meals for the following 2 days, relaxing and watching a movie in our 8 bed dorm…with only us in it!

Tip: When you travel in Europe during low season, sometimes you’ll get lucky and get a whole room to yourself for the rates of a bed in a dormitory.

In the morning we got up fairly early as we knew this was going to be our main day of seeing what Málaga had to offer. We had our backpacks filled up, a mug of strong coffee, GoPro charged, and after a long winded convo with the friendly hostel manager, we were off for the day.

málaga 1
(Sandy and I being top tourists in Malaga)

We didn’t have much of a plan as we were going with the flow but had some ideas of what we wanted to see. We took a steady stroll along the coastline to the centre of Málaga and got ourselves lost on the bustling streets.

We arrived at the Alcazaba – a unique 11th century fortress built on a hill overlooking the city. We payed an entrance fee of €2.50, walked around and felt like we had gone back in time.

Tip: Entrance fee to the Alcazaba is only €0.60 for students and completely free for all on Sundays.

málaga 2
(Views for days at The Alcazaba)

Afterwards, we realised there was another big ass hill next to The Alcazaba with a building called the Castillo de Gibralfaro at the top. It looked like there was some cool viewpoints up there so we hiked up the hill (couldn’t refuse a good photo opportunity!)

málaga 3
(We didn’t make it to the top but settled for this viewpoint of Málaga)

Next it was time to get some food in our bellies to avoid getting ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry). We found ourselves at the Marina strip where there were at least 15 restaurants all fishing for hungry tourists. We settled for La Sureña, which provided cheap and filling food, good vibes, and you could get a bucket of 5 lagers for only €3.50…happy days!

málaga 4
(We ordered a couple of medium pizzas, a chicken sandwich and of course wedges…feed me!)


After a couple of hours soaking up the rays and chatting bucket lists we followed the crowds of people into the centre of Málaga where there was a fancy dress carnival going on. Seeing kids running around in cops and robbers outfits was great for a whole 5 minutes. So we began our 2km stroll back to the hostel, had more food, and relaxed in our room for the rest of the evening.

málaga 6
(The restaurant strip at the Marina where all the action happens)
The following morning it was time to check out. We took our time to pack and left about 4 kilos of stuff between us that we no longer needed (it was such a good feeling!)
Tip: If you plan to travel with a backpack take as little stuff with you as possible and let go of things every so often to keep your bag light. If you’ve travelled with a backpack before you’ll understand why.

After checking out, we caught a bus to Velez-Malaga where we got picked up by our new workaway hosts and drove to the hills where we were very much looking forward to unpacking our bags for a couple of weeks.

Overall, Málaga left a great impression on us to say it was low season and it is somewhere we’d definitely pass through next time we are in Andalusia.

Hasta Luego Málaga!

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 Have you been to Málaga before? Do you have any tips for places to see/do for next time? Leave us a comment…
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