The Perfect Date In Seville

Perfect Date In Seville

Since it was Valentines day yesterday, I was inspired to spice things up a bit on this blog. Which means turning up the romance dial and getting super lovey-dovey on our ‘Perfect Date in Seville’ to the point where couple travel tips turn into “get a room guys!”

Perfect Date In SevillPerfect Date In Seville Shadowse Cover
(About to snog whilst romantically paddling around Plaza de España, Spain)

Ha! I’m totally kidding. In fact, both Will and I don’t believe in Valentines day. It’s just another one of those holidays that are hyped up so that businesses make money off consumerism (which works) and we would much prefer to spend our money on travel. Also, why must we choose one specific day of the year to express our feelings for our loved ones when we should be doing it on a regular/daily basis anyway?

We definitely do, however, believe that quality time is very important in a relationship and it’s always nice to do something extra special for our lover. So Will and I decided to celebrate our love on an extra special ‘Pre-Valentines Day’ trip to Seville.

Perfect Date In Seville Plaza De Espana
(Plaza de España, Seville)

If you’re wanting to take your partner on a romantic getaway then we definitely recommend a trip to Seville in Spain. This is what we got up to on our perfect date in Seville…

We started the day by going out for a delicious breakfast at Santa Cruz, a popular area full of cafes and restaurants. We found this cute little cafe called ‘La Tapateria’ that was really cheap. You can get a cooked Spanish breakfast with fresh orange juice and barista coffee for under €5 per person.

Perfect Date In Seville Spanish Omelette
(Spanish breakfast menu at Santa Cruz)

We then casually walked around the old town ending up at the Seville Cathedral where we took some photos.

Perfect Date In Seville Cathedral
(Seville Cathedral)

Tip: You can also take a romantic horse and carriage ride from there through the city for €45, but we felt a bit sorry for the horses and figured we could spend that money a lot more wisely.

Perfect Date In Seville River
(The Guadalquivir River, Seville)

After that we walked across the bridge to a popular restaurant strip on a street called Calle San Jacinto. Here I found the perfect opportunity to stuff my face with Italian food (my favourite!)

Perfect Date In Seville Pasta
(Stuffing my face with Italian Pizza and Pasta)

Then we made our way through the beautiful gardens at Parc De Maria Luisa to the picturesque Plaza de España.

Perfect Date In Seville Plaza De Espana Boats
(Paddle boats at Plaza de España)

This has got to be the most beautiful piece of architecture I’ve seen in Europe so far. Here we hired a boat (for only €6 euros) and romantically paddled around the building.

Bucket List
(Paddling at Plaza de España, Seville)

From here we visited the modern Metropol Parasol building on the way pick up our luggage and check-in to a private room in a reasonably priced hotel (this was definitely a treat considering we usually stay in hostels).

Perfect Date In Seville Metropol Parasol
(Metropol Parasol, Seville)

Once unpacked and ready, we finished our perfect date by going out for a typical Spanish night where we watched a Flamenco show over ‘Sangrias’ and ‘Patatas Fritas.’

Perfect Date In Seville Flamenco
(Eating Papayas Fritas and drinking Sangrias just before watching a live Spanish Flamenco show)

If you ever get a chance to go to Spain, you must see a Flameco show, they are seriously unbelievable! It was the perfect way to get to know the Spanish culture and was the highlight of our perfect date in Seville.

Overall, Seville is an awesome place to visit for both couples and singles. We definitely suggest including this beautiful city on your Spain itinerary. And if you’d like everything done for you, you can book a local guide to give you a private tour of the city here.

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How you been to Seville before? Tell us about your experience in a comment below…
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