How To Beat Bali Belly Naturally

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Bali as you probably already know is an Indonesian island with stunning tropical weather, great cuisine and very friendly people. It is also known to be one of the most common places to attract “travellers diarrhoea” or what’s more commonly know as Bali Belly.

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I consider myself a fairly healthy person with a balanced diet, drink lemon and ginger to strengthen my immune system and tend to avoid medication when possible. So before arriving in Bali I felt like like my body was in good condition.

I had been trying all the Indonesian dishes during the first week, making sure my personal hygiene was tip top and only drank bottled water to avoid getting sick. However, 6 hours after a dodgy and spicy nasi goreng in a not-so-familiar place outside of Ubud, I was struck down with the dreaded bacterial infection…BALI BELLY.

It obviously begins with the sudden rush to go to the toilet (and to stay there), then drowsiness. You become tired and lethargic, get shocking migraines and painful cramping in the stomach. I’ll spare all details, but this can last from 24 hours to 2 weeks in some cases. For me I was lucky that Bali Belly only lasted a couple of days and I managed to beat it without using pharmaceutical drugs.

Here’s a list of what I used to beat Bali Belly naturally and some tips on how you can avoid it…

Pure coconut oil – a miracle worker! This settles the stomach straight away. It is rare to find, but ask a local and they will no doubt offer you some

Lots of water – especially coconut water to stay hydrated and support the stomach

Solid foods – eat solid foods such as chips and some fruits

Isotonic drinks – drink isotonic drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade to replace lost body salts

Avoid caffeine – whatever you do, do not have any caffeine! It will pass through you like a hot knife through butter

Tiger balm & vapour rub – rub it on your head to relieve headaches

Yakult probiotic drinks – one of these little beauties a day will decrease your chances of picking up Bali Belly

Salt – adding extra salt to your meals is another common way to prevent Bali Belly

Avoid Spicy Foods – steer clear of spicy food and meat when possible (even if you think you can handle it) as this is the most common way to attract the bacterial infection

These tips are based purely on my personal experience with Bali Belly. If you want to take medication and/or visit a doctor in Bali it’s also possible…However you decide to deal with Bali belly, the most serious thing to remember is to never, ever risk a fart in public.

Good luck!

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Have you had Bali Belly before? Do you have any other recommendations? Leave us a comment below…

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How To Beat Bali Belly Naturally


10 thoughts on “How To Beat Bali Belly Naturally

  1. Aww!… These are interesting tips indeed regardless of where you get a bad stomach!….Actually, I love Nasi Goreng.. haha! . But I have understood that it needs a lot of ‘veggie care’ during preparation else you may get infected with the greens that go into it! ..

  2. This is so handy to know! I didn’t get sick in Bali but the last time I was traveling through South East Asia, I was sick for almost 3 weeks! I will keep this in mind for the next trip.

  3. Awesome advice, and love that you do in naturally! I got really sick in Colombia after drinking some dodgy mandarin juice from a street vendor. I threw up about 14 times in 6 hours. Then they took me to the pharmacy and I got a jab in my but and I was fine. Lol. Next time I should try a more natural approach! 😛

  4. Oh, definitely needed to read this article. Do NOT have an iron stomach, as have unfortunately found out time and time again!

  5. You can buy kombucha on the ridge after Canggu at a yoga place. They have a Sunday market which is worth the look, but the kombucha saved us.

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