5 Best Hikes in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is the perfect destination if you enjoy hiking. There are so many hills and mountains on the island with stunning views, so I recommend that you get some good hiking shoes from shoe hero. During my time here I had the opportunity to go on a few hikes so I’m going to share the best hikes in Gran Canaria with you now…

1. Lighthouse at Puerto De Mogán

When in Puerto De Mogán walk towards the cliff and follow the signs to the Mirador (look-out). Once at the top the view is nice but if you continue to climb up the cliff you will get to the lighthouse at the very top. This is not a tourist route, it’s very steep, and is in fact quite dangerous so I’d only recommend going with someone who knows the way (and at your own risk). But after an intense 10 minutes you’re there and it is such a beautiful place to watch the sun set – alternatively you can take the road to the top which takes around 45 minutes to an hour. We hiked up to the lighthouse many times when we lived in Puerto De Mogán and had many parties at the top where there is a nice place to make a camp fire. This definitely is one of my favourite hikes in Gran Canaria.

Tip: Remember to not leave it until you’re too tired to get home (unless you plan to sleep there), especially after a few drinks.

Hikes in Gran Canaria Road
(Photographer: Julian Gab, Instagram: @juligab)

Hikes in Gran Canaria Light House

Hikes in Gran Canaria Puerto De Mogan
(Photographer: Julian Gab, Instagram @juligab)

2. Mogán Region

There is more to Mogán than its port, there’s a small village inland that you can catch a bus to, that’s surrounded by mountains. One day my friends Piia, Nicki and I decided to climb one of them. Now even though it didn’t take hours to get to the top, this was definitely one of the most challenging hikes in Gran Canaria that I did…but oh so beautiful. On our way up we explored caves and saw many types of flowers, then at the top we witnessed an unreal view. We had a 30 minute lunch break at the top then decided to skip the bus and take the long way back down to Puerto De Mogán. The total time of this hike was 4 hours.

If you want to know the exact route that we took, leave a comment below.

Hikes in Gran Canaria Mogan

Hikes in Gran Canaria Mogan Region
(Captured by Nicki Siamaki)



3. Veneguerra Beach

As I mentioned in my post about the best beaches in Gran Canaria, Veneguerra is definitely a place I recommend to see. It’s the next accessible beach West of Puerto De Mogán and is one of the natural beaches in Gran Canaria consisting of black sand. There’s a road from Puerto De Mogán, that’s currently closed for cars, which leads right to the Veneguerra beach. This is the route we took to hike to Veneguerra beach which takes around 2.5 hours one-way and a total of 25km for the round trip.

Tip: This hike is a full day trip so bring plenty of water and snacks because the closest shop is back in Mogán.

Travelling as a couple

(Captured by Juli Gab, Instagram @juligab)
Hikes in Gran Canaria Road to Veneguerra
(Captured by Juli Gab, Instagram @juligab)

Hostel Veneguerra

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4. Roque Noble

This place is unbelievable. The second highest lookout point in Gran Canaria with the  height being 1800 metres above sea level. But don’t worry, you don’t have to start your hike at the bottom of the mountain! My friend Laura and I were lucky enough to be invited on a trip here with someone who had a car – thanks Oyvend 🙂 You can drive all the way up to the beginning of the hike and then it’s only a half an hour walk to the phenomenal view I’m talking about. We watched the sun set above the clouds overlooking Tenerife island. This is by far the best hikes in Gran Canaria.

Tip: Unfortunately there is no public transport to get anywhere close to here (we checked!) since its in the middle of the island, so a car is essential.

Phenominal Hikes in Gran Canaria edited

Hikes in Gran Canaria FlowersHikes in Gran Canaria Roque Noble

5. Güigüí Beach

I’ve heard so many awesome things about the hike to Güigüí beach but never ended up doing it. As far as I know the best way to get there without a car is to catch a bus to Tasarte, then hitch hike for 7km (which can be a challenge in the middle of nowhere) until you arrive at the beginning of the actual hike. Apparently you then need to hike all the way up a huge hill then all the way down to get to the beach. Everyone I know that’s done it says it’s very challenging but so worth it once you get there. If you’re planning on doing this hike leave a comment below and I’ll put you in touch with friends who have more details.

Hope this post inspired you to put on some shoes and go on some of the best hikes in Gran Canaria 🙂

Have you done any of these hikes before? Is there anything other hikes you’d add to this list? Leave a comment below…

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10 thoughts on “5 Best Hikes in Gran Canaria

  1. I’d like to know the exact route for number 2 please?
    Also, I don’t suppose you ever came across a cliff diving area in the hills, its a fresh water pool. I saw pictures but can’t get any info :/

    1. Hi Tony, we took a bus towards Mogan village, got off at the stop with the big windmill and from there we started to go up towards the hills. You need to keep to the right all the time, first pass the plantation ors and then walk forward. After around 1 km you’ll see the “real” route and just follow it to the top. The views are incredible, Enjoy! 😊
      (Not too sure about the cliff diving)

  2. Do u have the starting point on a map at all for the “real route” you mentioned? Or the start point on the map from which you started for number 2 as above?


    1. Hi Luke, I believe I answered this question in a previous comment… we took a bus from Puerto De Mogan towards Mogan village, got off at the stop with the big windmill and from there we started to go up towards the hills 😊

  3. Gui gui beach a bit difficult to approach but definitely worth visiting.
    You can take a bus from Puerto de Mogán to Cruz de Tasartico. Then walk down the hill cca8km on the main route and 5km ascending and descending the steep cliff. Some people even camp there for a night. Make sure to bring stuff with you because there are no shops on the way.

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