Is It Okay To Be Sick Of Travelling?

“This girl can’t stop going on about all the places she wants to go to and things she wants to do and now all of a sudden she’s sick of travelling? Okay…”

I have a few reasons. But where do I start? I have so much going on in my mind right now. I feel like I need to spend the day writing my thoughts down without caring if anyone actually reads this.

As much as I love blogging, I haven’t enjoyed it that much in the last couple of months. Why? I guess deep down things haven’t been as perfect as they may seem on the outside and well..I just haven’t felt like only sharing good experiences when there have been bad ones too. I’m an optimistic person who likes to find positives in everything (because there are so many!) so I don’t like to complain about things publicly. But part of the reason Will and I started this blog was not only to share the highs but also the lows of our travels so I’m ready to open up. I’ve calmed down a bit, sorted my shit out and understood that there are probably a lot of travellers out there that may be feeling the same way as me. So here goes…

I’m sick of living in a hostel

Yeah hostels are a lot of fun but after 3 months I’m sick of not having my own space. I just want to shut myself away from the world but no matter how hard I try to have ‘me time’ I’m always interrupted with the busy hostel life. I love working in a hostel but living here feels like I can never get away from work. I’m sick of cleaning up after people. It really isn’t anything personal because I absolutely love the people I live with but sometimes all I want to do is watch Netflix or write blog posts without anyone talking to me. But then I look like that anti-social person and people start to wonder if I’m okay. Living in a hostel has taught me about how much I value my personal space.

I’m sick of meeting new people

I love meeting new people from all over the world and learning about different cultures – heck thats one of the main reasons why I travel in the first place! But I’m sick of having the exact same conversation every single day. “Where are you from? How long have you been travelling for? Where have you been? What are your plans?” I’ve even been avoiding starting conversations with new people because I’ll probably never see them again – and that’s not like me to do that.

Sick of Travelling Sunset
(One of may farewell parties, photographed by Julian, Instagram: @juligab)

I’m sick of saying good-bye

I’ve met so many incredible people on my travels; many 5 minute friends, some I’ve connected well with for a few days or weeks, but there have also been some people that I’ve become really close with. When you travel, as soon as you feel you’ve made a friend for life, they’re gone. And after a while it starts to get really hard to say good-bye, especially when you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. There comes a time when all you want is a friendship group thats always there.

I’m sick of being a budget-traveller

I feel like such a hypocrite writing this now, especially when my last post was all about motivating people to start travelling even if they don’t have much money. I used to think that travelling with no money was better than not travelling at all (and for some people it is!) but after 2 years of travelling on a really tight-arse budget I’m over it. I want to save money on travel because I want to, not because I have to. I’m sick of saying no to things I want to do that are a bit pricey just because I can’t afford it. I want to look back on my travels and think, ‘wow I really made the most of it.’  Whether that means eating out at local restaurants, staying in private rooms, or hiring cars instead of public transport. I know money can’t buy happiness but I still want to be able to spend $100 on Lorna Jane tights without feeling guilty!

I’m sick of being home sick

I miss the luxuries of home. I miss the really good wages and the Australian lifestyle. I miss acai bowls, goji berries and coconut oil. Oh and I can not wait to drink a barista coffee that actually tastes good! I miss real beaches. I miss my high-rise apartment overlooking Surfers Paradise. I miss using Aussie slang and being understood. You know what? I even miss my hometown, Adelaide. The place I’ve always been so glad to leave. I miss my friends from high school, even though I know things will never be the same after being away for 3.5 years. I want to go back, even if it’s just for a little while. Even if it feels weird. Even if it reminds me why I left. I’m sick of not having a home.

I’m sick of having no plans for the future

Wow. I never thought I’d say this. Coming from someone who is all about being free and living spontaneously. For some reason I actually want to know what I’m doing. Since my travel fund is getting extremely low I’m starting to freak out because if I don’t make plans there is a slight chance I’ll end up spending more money than I need to. I’m sick of that. I know I want to travel the world and I have a bucket list but I’m sick of working backpacker jobs to save up for my travels. I want to find something I’m passionate about doing that earns me enough money to travel the way I want. I’ve been reading a lot of those ‘jobs that allow you to travel the world’ articles to get ideas for the future. I actually want to set some goals for a change.

I’m sick of travelling faster than I can write about it

I really want to be consistent with blogging so that I can look back on all the memories and travel experiences in years to come, but it’s starting to feel like a chore. I have many drafts full of stories and travel tips from the past 8 months that I just haven’t finished because I’m always busy doing something new. I want to download all these ideas from my brain and share them through this blog before I forget. I feel like I’m doing too much that it’s starting to stress me out a little, ha! How crazy does that sound? It would be good to stop travelling for a while to enjoy catching up on my writing.

So what’s next?

I’d love to just book a flight home now but since I’m a beach bum ocean loving hippy who’s chasing the summer, there is no way I could come home just before the best part of the European year. So I’m going to get through this and try to not get stressed. But after summer I’m going to start figuring out how to get my butt home (and obviously be bringing Will back with me). Maybe I’ll only stay for a few months to save some money before going on another overseas adventure but who knows what this new life chapter will hold…

Have you ever been sick of travelling? Leave us a comment if you can relate to this post…

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4 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Be Sick Of Travelling?

  1. Totally understand how you are feeling! That’s why we set up a base, because it’s still nice to come ‘home’ after travelling. We travel for 2 weeks here, then back to base, then 1 week there, then back to base etc. I found it to be better for us then constantly on the move.

    1. Yeah I now understand why people have a base. Before I just wanted to be free with no home so that I could go wherever I want with no attachments. I can still do that but have a place called ‘home’ to go to whenever I need to recharge. Even having 2-3 ‘homes’ where I feel totally happy would be nice depending on where I am in the world so that I’m not constantly on the move like you say. Maybe even the 6 months on, 6 months off travel lifestyle would work better for me so I don’t get bored of either. So many options! Thanks for the comment Soraya <3

  2. Fully understand the need to have a base to come back to after travelling for a while rather than living an itinerant existence not sure where you’ll be next. Nice to have freedom and no ties but in reality is as humans we eventually need a home to return to.

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