What Is A Traveller?

What is a traveller

Recently we’ve been pondering over the question ‘what is a traveller?’ since it’s come up in many conversations. Do you have to go from hostel to hostel dragging around a massive backpack to call yourself a traveller?

What is a traveller
(Canary Islands, Spain)

People’s perceptions…

There are many opinions around the concept of travelling that it can cause miscommunication, or ever controversy.

Like for example when experienced travellers compare how many countries they’ve been to like it’s some competition, or when they say “don’t call me a tourist…I’m a traveller,” as though they’re more superior or something.

We sometimes catch ourselves judging others who travel differently to us, “they saw 10 countries in 1 month but didn’t even experience the real culture of one place,” or “as if they spent that much money on a short trip, we could live in Bali for a year on that!”

It’s crazy how much people compare and judge, but sometimes it’s hard not to.

what is a traveller seville
(Seville, Spain)

The definition…

So what is a traveller?

Well…according to Google, a traveller is ‘a person who is travelling or who often travels.’

That’s pretty broad.

So are holiday makers, who enjoy going on that special trip once per year, travellers because they are literally travelling to their destination?

What if you live far from from work and have to travel to work every day…does that make you a traveller? Or you travel for work, like for example a flight attendant, they’re full-time travellers aren’t they?

What if you travel by exploring your own country and living in different cities while focusing on ‘normal life’ at the same time? Or even just taking a trip somewhere local every now and then…You don’t have to travel abroad to be a traveller do you?

What about an expat, “a person taking up residency in a country other than that of their citizenship”? They may or may not have been to many places but they still have a traveller’s mind set, right?

Do you have to be a full-time nomad, “a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer,” to obtain the ‘traveller’ status?

So many possible answers to the question ‘what is a traveller’ and they’re all correct. There’s no right or wrong definition.

Who are we?

I guess the real reason we’ve been thinking about this a lot is because we are exhausted. Exhausted from maintaining the ‘traveller’ reputation (something we made up in our own heads!)

We believe so strongly in chasing your dreams and not settling for anything less, which is what this blog is about. Our dream is travelling the world and experiencing everything on our bucket list. So why are we exhausted from living our dreams?

It’s because we publicly put a label on what we do. We’re travellers. Therefore we must always be travelling to maintain our reputation, right? Wrong. Why did we even put that pressure on ourselves?

What is a traveller camper
(Brisbane, Australia)


If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen that Will recently had a setback with his Australian visa and couldn’t come back to Aus with Sandy, even though flights were booked and everything was planned… It’s been really hard, but we’re making long distance work for 12 weeks!

We’ve come to realise this time apart is the perfect opportunity to take a break from constant travel (because we really need it!) Even though we’re currently on opposite sides of the world with a ridiculous time difference, we’re both happy to have finally found routine where we can work to save money for future travels, maintain our health & fitness and have time to focus on other things that matter.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not travellers anymore! There is too much of the world to explore in too little time…we see this as just a pit stop before our next adventure. This experience has taught us that we don’t have to constantly be on the road to live a fulfilled life, and that our love for routine is almost becoming equal to our love for travel. We need both in our lives.


Whether you explore a country for 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 years at a time, being a ‘traveller’ can mean whatever you want it to mean. As we get older the way we travel will surely change aswell. Learn from our experience and don’t judge people, don’t label yourself and don’t let other’s make you feel bad about how you live your life. Everyone is on a different journey and all you’ve got to do is trust your intuition and do what feels right for you.

In our opinion once a traveller, always a traveller.

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2 thoughts on “What Is A Traveller?

  1. Love it! Isn’t it funny how we tend to put all this pressure on ourselves to be some specific notion of “traveler” ? I totally agree with your thoughts here, and I too am so glad to be creating a routine again now, too. 🙂

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