8 Underwater Delights You’ve Got to Dive to See

Underwater Delights

This is the first guest post to be published on The Brit & The Blonde blog. We love SCUBA diving and the underwater world, so we believe you’ll find this article by Luke Henderson helpful in planning your next diving adventure!

Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, meaning there is a whole world to explore. Once you’ve learnt to dive, you’ll soon realise how much you’ve got to see. To start, we’ve gathered eight of the best underwater delights…

1. Great Blue Hole, Belize

You have to see the Great Blue Hole to believe it – there’s no sight like the incredible change in colour as the water descends into a huge, deep hole. At about 15m, you dive through the transition from salt to fresh water.

The Great Blue Hole is outlined by coral reef and inhabited by sharks, enormous tuna and other fish, as well as deep stalagmites.

Underwater Delights Great Blue Hole
(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

2. President Coolidge, Vanuatu

The SS President Coolidge was a WW2 luxury ocean liner, sunk by one of America’s own mines off Santo in northern Vanuatu. Exploring this wreck is a great dive – the mosaic lined swimming pool being a particularly interesting sight.

3. USS Liberty Wreck Dive Site, Bali

Unless you know it’s safe and you’ve got the skills to handle the conditions, as the Secret Traveller says, don’t let that weird dude at the hostel talk you into going to his secret dive spot. Instead, they recommend the USS Liberty Wreck dive site for all underwater explorers.

Underwater Delights Bali
(Photo Source: Flickr)

Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

For an unforgettable underwater experience, some tour operators have started placing lights on the ocean floor to attract plankton. In turn, huge manta rays turn up and swim amongst the divers with grace. They’re huge and most guides to Hawaii can tell you the spots where they can be descried.

5. Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia

This underwater delight gets its name for the thousands of barracuda that swim in the waters. But there’s even more creatures – turtles, white tip sharks and bumphead parrotfish, for example. One blogger even called it “diving paradise” for the calm waters, abundance of fish and beautiful coral. Read his experience in detail and see some great photos here.

Underwater Delights
(Photo Source: Flickr)

6. Blockship Tabarka, Scapa Flow, Scotland

Scotland might not be your first thought for great diving – but the country has some great dives, including wrecks at Scapa Flow. The blockship Tabarka, for instance, is a shallow 18m dive covered in marine life.

It’s also worth exploring the rest of the historic wrecks in Scapa Flow while you’re in Scotland. You can find out more about the history here.

7. Fortunal, Vis Island, Croatia

With great visibility, diving near Vis Island is a great chance to see underwater life. The wreck of a fishing boat at this site is at the bottom of a wall up to 55m deep and attracts a hive of activity. There’s also a shallow cave to explore – just watch out for lobsters clicking their claws at you.

Underwater Delights Croatia
(Photo Source: Flickr)

8. Chios Island, Greece 

And if it’s underwater caves you’d love to see, Chios Island is another great diving site. With a series of small caves and paths weaved in between rocks, reefs and sea walls, it’s the perfect underwater adventure. We suggest going during the months of April through October when water temperatures are moderate.

Have you explored any of these delights? Share your experiences with us in a comment below…

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