Our First Time Travelling Together: East Coast of Australia

Our first real taste of travelling as a couple was in December 2013 when we took a road trip along the East coast of Australia. 

We had 2 weeks off from work over Christmas so we decided to hire a camper van in Brisbane and make our way down to Sydney for New Year’s Eve.

East Coast of Australia Camper-Van
(Our camper van photographed just before the big trip)

East Coast of Australia Camper Van

Travelling together for the first time was complete and utter bliss.

East Coast of Australia Cabarita Beach
(Cabarita Beach, New South Wales)

As we moved our temporary home along the coast we’d wind down the windows, feel the summer air against our skin and sing out loud to our favourite songs.

East Coast of Australia Roadtrip

East Coast of Australia Camper

Whenever we got hungry we’d stop to eat at local cafes,

East Coast of Australia Breakfast
(Breakfast in Newcastle, NSW)

Whenever we got hot, we’d stop for a dip in the ocean.

We visited famous Australian landmarks…

East Coast of Australia Big Prawn
(The Big Prawn, Balina)
East Coast of Australia Big Banana
(The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour)
East Coast of Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge
(The Sydney Harbour Bridge)
East Coast of Australia Sydney Opera House
(The Sydney Opera House)

…and many secluded beaches.

East Coast of Australia Beach

East Coast of Australia Beach Life
(Sandy Beach, NSW)

East Coast of Australia Beach

Every day we’d wake up somewhere new, with an amazing view and hear the sounds of waves breaking on the shore.

East coast 8

east coast 23

East Coast of Australia Bondi Beach
(Bondi Beach, Sydney)

The best part was knowing that we didn’t have to rush our day and could completely live in the moment.

East Coast of Australia Love

East Coast of Australia Van

East Coast Of Australia Bondii
(Bondi, Sydney)

We were experiencing true happiness and freedom, and we never wanted that feeling to end.

East coast 16

So this trip was the spark that ignited our passion to travel the world together.

East coast 18

When we came home we made the decision to quit our jobs and sell everything we owned to pursue our travel dreams.

East Coast of Australia Port Macquarie
(Port Macquarie, NSW)

Not only did we fall more in love with each other on this trip, we fell in love with travelling together. Looking back at these photographs brings back many memories. Ones we definitely want to relive again in the near future, and ones we’ll never forget.

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Have you had a similar experience that made you want to start travelling the world? Leave us a comment…

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