Kayaking The Noosa Everglades

Apart from relaxing on the beach, hiking through Noosa National Park and trying out all the bars and restaurants along Hastings Street, Noosa is famous for something quite spectacular…the Noosa Everglades. If you’ve never heard of everglades before, thy are often described as a grassy, slow-moving river and only place in the world where forests can actually grow out from the water. There are literally only two everglades in the world, the other being in Florida U.S. although those ones are full of alligators (so no kayaking allowed!). This makes the Noosa Everglades pretty dahm special.

Travels Everglades

Noosa has always been one of our favourite weekend getaway destinations. It’s a small yet beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast of Australia and only a two and a half hour drive from the Gold Coast, where we’re currently living. We come here quite often to stay at Will’s uncle’s stunning AirBnB {get $70 off your first Airbnb when you sign up through this link}. Or if you prefer to stay in hostels we recommend to book Nomads Backpacker Hostel in Noosa through Nomads World.

Noosa Everglades Discovery Group

On one of our recent Noosa trips we decided to take on the challenge and spend a full day kayaking the Noosa Everglades with The Discovery Group, and here are some of our favourite pics from the day…

Noosa Everglades Views

The tour started with a river cruise to the heart of the Noosa Everglades National Park.

Noosa Everglades House

Once we got there we had morning tea with the tour group and had a bit of time to explore the park, without any wifi signal to distract us.

We happened to be in the second group so had to wait for the first group to finish kayaking their stretch of river while we cruised past them to get to the meeting point.

Noosa Everglades National Park

Once there it was our turn to kayak back to the original spot while the first group cruised back.

Big Tip: If you have the choice, go with the first group – kayaking against the current is a lot harder than it looks!

Noosa Everglades Kayaking

This is roughly where we were on the map before we lost wifi signal.

Noosa Everglades Map

There were moments throughout the hour long kayaking that we took a break to just stop and listen to the sounds of nature, which was quite therapeutic.


And after a few wrong turns, we eventually arrived at the destination where we had a delicious BBQ cooked by the staff before cruising back to the town to end the tour.

Noosa Everglades Cruise

That night we didn’t miss the opportunity the watch the stunning sun set behind Noosa Beach and reflect on what was a really awesome day.

Noosa Everglades Sunset

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Have you kayaked the Noosa Everglades before? Or do you have any tips for anyone travelling to Noosa? Leave us a comment below…

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