Our First GoPro Video: Gold Coast Australia

GoPro Gold Coast Australia

It’s been 6 months since we bought a GoPro (Hero 4 Silver – for all you GoPro fans) but have only just created our first GoPro video.

We bought a GoPro because we wanted good quality photos and not just travel photos taken with our iPhone 4’s (which we still haven’t upgraded!), especially because we were just about to start this blog. It was perfect timing because we bought it only one week before our European adventure and planned to capture everything we did through photos AND videos.

After spending 6 months working to save up for our travels, it was honestly the most exciting thing at the time. We decided to film everything we did during our last week on the Gold Coast to document the lifestyle we were living leading up to our big trip.

Our First GoPro Video Surfers Paradise
(Surfers Paradise Boulevard on the Gold Coast, Australia)

Of course, after a few months of travelling and doing some amazing things, we kept procrastinating on learning how to use GoPro studio to create our first GoPro video. We definitely didn’t film as much as we should have because we were too busy blogging and enjoying every moment of our travels.

After 6 months of travel in Europe, we have decided to base ourselves on Gran Canaria island for the next couple of months. Since having a base we have had so much more free time to relax and work on exciting new projects, such as filming and creating videos of our travels.

The first GoPro video we’ve made is with all the footage we took back on the Gold Coast 6 months ago. It’s been fun putting all the clips together and rewarding seeing our first GoPro video finally finished. We don’t have much experience with filming or editing so any tips would be very much appreciated! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Our next video will most likely be a compilation of the filming we did throughout Europe over Autumn and Winter. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated…

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Did you like our first video? Do you have any constructive criticism? Leave us a comment…

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5 thoughts on “Our First GoPro Video: Gold Coast Australia

  1. Just watched this whilst sitting in the garden on the first warm, sunny day of the year, it has so lifted my spirits, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing you two happy with life, hope there’s more to come xxx

  2. Great video. Looks like the kind of thing you would expect to see on a resort website or an in flight promo (that’s a compliment by the way) and a great advertisement for Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast. Well done to you both and I look forward to seeing more.

  3. It takes courage to create your very first video – good job! Looking forward to the next! I can 100% relate with “we didn’t film as much as we should because we were too busy enjoying every moments” 😀 I’m planning myself to make my first video too when traveling in Peru in a couple of weeks; exciting times!

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