My Experience Skydiving In Byron Bay

Skydiving is one of those extreme sports that most adventurous people would have on their bucket list. So of course it was on ours, and this year we finally gave that bucket list goal a big tick!

Skydiving Sandy

It’s not the cheapest activity to get someone to fly you to 15,000 ft above the ground and push you out of an aeroplane but it’s an experience definitely worth doing at least once in your life. We chose to go skydiving above Byron Bay with Skydive Australia as everyone we know that has done it said the views were amazing…they were right.

Skydiving Will
(Will looking like a pro sky diver)

The day started early for us, our shuttle picking us up from Surfers Paradise at 6:50am for the journey to Byron Bay.

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I was pumped for the experience and had been excited about it since the day we booked, but when we actually got there the fear really kicked in. To this very day I still don’t know why I was freaking out so much, as I absolutely love this kind of adrenaline stuff. It was kind of surreal knowing we were really doing this.

We grabbed a coffee, filled out all the paper work (sign here to agree that if you die it’s not our fault – yeah that’s reassuring!) and waited patiently for our turn. Then we were given a safety speech, put our gear on and headed for the runway. The plane ride was beautiful but I was shaking the whole time, from excitement and fear.

Skydiving Window

It really doesn’t feel real until they open the plane door and you realise that YOU’VE NEVER BEEN IN A PLANE WITH THE DOOR OPEN BEFORE!

Skydiving Plane

Okay this is really happening…first person jumps…a few seconds later the next person is gone…and o oh it’s my turn now. Okay let’s do this, fake smile at the camera 🙂

You can clearly see my thought process from the first few seconds in the following pictures. I went from thinking “sh*t there’s really no turning back now” to terrified in the first moment of falling, to screaming, to cheering “WOW this is amazing!”

Skydiving Door

Skydiving Scared

Skydiving Freefall

Skydiving Wow

Then after the first 10 seconds or so of free falling I realised it was actually extremely cold up there, -10 degrees Celsius to be exact! In that moment the wind found a little gap in my safety glasses and started blasting cold air into my eyes. Then we started speeding up faster and faster, and my stretchy skin started flapping everywhere. The video is so embarrasing, hence why it’s not going on here.

I remember hoping the parachute would just open already. I closed my eyes and got lost in the moment, completely forgetting what I was doing. Then all of a sudden the it popped up and gave me a little fright. But from then on it was smooth sailing all the way down, and for me personally that was by far the best part of skydiving!

Skydiving Parachute

Being able to take off my safety glasses and enjoy the views as the temperatures got warmer and warmer the further we sank towards the earth, was so awesome. The weather was perfect with not one cloud in the sky and I could see everything, the coast, the hills, the greenery. Oh so beautiful.

Then my instructor asked if I wanted to control the parachute, “um yes please!” It was so cool pulling one side down to turn then, the other to change directions. It literally felt like I was flying. Only I got so mesmerized by the experience that I forgot I was in control and had to get reminded. “Oh whoops, here, you have it I’m just gonna chill in the sky and watch the world go by.”

Skydiving Byron Bay

Then before we knew it the ground felt so close, and I realised how fast we were actually dropping. We landed with ease. And now I feel like I can do absolutely anything after this skydiving experience.

Jumping out of a plane and free falling to the ground might not be your thing, but I urge you to try it at least once in your life! Book your Byron Bay Skydive here!

Can you relate to this experience? Leave us a comment below…

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12 thoughts on “My Experience Skydiving In Byron Bay

  1. This looks amazing! My partner really wants to go skydiving but I’m afraid of heights so I’m not sure if I can do it. Hopefully one day I’ll overcome my fear and just bite the bullet!

    1. You could always ask if you can come on the plane with him if there are seats? I guess if you really want to overcome the fear just book it and once you’re up there there’s literally no turning back haha

  2. Y’all are so brave omg. I told myself if I ever went to Dubai I would skydive since you can go out over the Palm to do it, but now I’m like ACTIVELY avoiding going there haha.

  3. I’ve been skydiving before (10 years ago!) in the UK but my sister was debating about doing it during our trip to Australia next year! I was considering Gold Coast but we have a stop in Byron Bay too! My goggles almost flew right off my head when I done it, I don’t think they were on tight enough! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awesome! If you had to choose Gold Coast or Byron for skydiving I’d definitley pick Byron, Such a beautiful view from up there and they pick you up for free from the Gold Coast. Plus the company that do it on the Gold Coast are a lot more expensive because they use the actual Gold Coast airport to take ofor from. Have fun!

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