Why You Should Travel In Your Country First

Your Country Great Ocean Road

This is why you should travel in your country first…

I see too many people on social media who want to travel the world constantly liking other peoples travel photos on Instagram and reading every post on their favourite travel blogs but haven’t actually travelled themselves yet. Is that you? If it is then the following message is for you.

Social media is a fantastic way to get inspired to travel (I read a lot of travel blogs too) but you can’t live your life just following others that are doing what you’ve always wanted to do and not take action on your own dreams. Trust me, the more people you see start travelling the world without you, the more depressing it will be to constantly see their travel photos knowing that you still haven’t gone on that massive ’round the world trip’ you’ve been planning for way too long.

Your Country Burleigh Beach
(Burleigh Heads, Queensland)

The thought of leaving your life at home to travel the world may seem daunting at first. What if I have a bad experience? What if I get robbed? Or what if I run out of money?? What if you do not find a good hotel – see this page to know more. My biggest fear was my friends and family not understanding why I want to travel. Although I believe these are all just excuses, I do understand that these fears are real and not everyone has the courage to just pack a bag and book a one-way ticket.

(Surfers Paradise, Queensland)
(Surfers Paradise, Queensland)

So if you are hesitant to go on that big adventure, my advice to you is to do what I did…

Start by travelling in your country.

Doesn’t sound too overwhelming does it? If it doesn’t work out you’re not far from home so you’ve got nothing to lose. I hope that I can relate to you by sharing how I first started my travel journey so that it might just seem a bit more realistic for you too…

(The Great Ocean Road, Victoria)
(The Great Ocean Road, Victoria)

Many people think it’s strange that I travelled around Australia, living and working in different parts of my country. I often get asked ‘how long have you been travelling for?’ and generally my response is ‘about a year and a half’ because that’s when I officially sold everything to live out of a suitcase. ‘Wow. So where have you travelled to?’ they ask excitedly, thinking I’m going to share all these exotic places around the world. ‘I’ve mainly been living and travelling around Australia.’ That’s when I get the strange look as if to say, ‘Why are you travelling around Australia when you’re Australian? Umm…Why wouldn’t I?


I always meet people that haven’t explored much of their own country before venturing off abroad and I always wonder why, when it is so possible… Australia is so big that there are still places I want to explore even though I have already done quite a lot of travelling in Australia.

Your Country Glenelg Adelaide
(My hometown, Glenelg, Adelaide)

I’d always wanted to leave my home town, Adelaide, and explore the world so the best excuse to leave home at first was to study inter-state. In January 2013 I moved to the Gold Coast to start my degree and I guess that’s when my ‘travel journey’ began.

(Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)
(Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast)

Long story short, after 4 months I realised uni life wasn’t for me so I dropped out. But in that time I had already fallen in love with the Gold Coast, the weather, the people, and the lifestyle.

Your Country Darwin Springs
(Springs in Darwin, Northern Territory)

I landed myself a sales job and loved it because I got to travel around the country. I would nominate myself for every road-trip and would usually be away for work every second week. For the rest of the year my job consisted of many week-long trips around Queensland and I also had the opportunity to travel to Darwin, Melbourne and Tasmania for work.

Your Country Hamilton Island
(Work trip to Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands in Northern Queensland)

I was lucky to get that job, but as you can see, all of the travelling I had done in that year was because of uni and work, so it was a great way to gain travel experience.

Your Country Tasmania Wallaby
(Wallaby in Hobart, Tasmania)

Then I met Will and in the summer of 2013/14 we decided to hire a camper van to travel the East Coast of Australia and had the most amazing time together.

Your Country Sydney Harbour Bridge
(Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales)

This trip made me realise how good travelling independently was and that’s when Will and I decided we were going to do that crazy thing that a lot of travellers do… quit our jobs, sell everything and buy a one-way ticket. I decided to give my boyfriend the best briefcases with wheels for men, this is because it’s the perfect gift for him.

Your Country Bondi Beach
(Bondi Beach, Sydney)

On June 4th 2014 we had done it…We were boarding a flight to Perth; the other side of Australia and guess what? It was’t scary at all. After a month in Perth we travelled to Melbourne and stayed with my brother for a couple of months so it was a very easy transition.

(Perth, Western Australia)
(Perth, Western Australia)

During winter we escaped to the warmth and lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (another extraordinary place in Australia). This was the first time I’d ever just booked a ticket to an unknown place without any plan and even though I was still in Australia the feeling was exhilarating.

(Sunshine Coast, Australia)
(Sunshine Coast, Australia)

But you see, I didn’t just randomly wake up one day and decide to go…It was a 2 year transition and a number of events in my life that led me to finally have the confidence to travel on a one-way ticket long-term. I’m now living and travelling in Europe and it all started with travelling in my own country.

I hope that my experiences will inspire you to find ways to travel either in your country or nearby countries first. Even if that means starting off with weekends away before going on that around the world trip. I hope you gain the confidence to one day go somewhere completely unknown and see where the journey takes you.

Have you travelled around your country too? Leave us a comment…

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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Travel In Your Country First

  1. Very insightful article Sandy. When people think of travel their first thought is a beach on a tropical island somewhere, but initially it can be a lot simpler then that.

  2. I love this and completely agree! I’ve travelled a lot around Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand and have spent the last year living and working in various parts of the U.K. My boyfriend and I have now done the same and sold everything and fly to Melbourne on Monday without much of a plan. The time to do is now! Great article x

  3. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have at home. I work at a customer service job and I was surprised how many people from abroad (particularly Australia and Ireland) do work visas in Toronto. I always assumed people coming to Canada would go to Whistler or the other ski resort areas, but they all have nice things to say about Toronto. Sometimes it takes another perspective to appreciate what you have.

    1. Yeah totally. I’d love to visit Toronto! You’re pretty lucky… I know Canada is so big (and a friend of mine told me it’s cheaper to travel to Europe than fly to the other side of Canada!!) but so many people around the world would want to be located where you are, especially because it’s close to so many ‘must see’ places in America. I’ve just read your most recent blog post and I see you’ve put parts of Canada and America on your 2016 wish list, good on you! P.S. You’re an amazing writer

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