Why We Love AirBnB: Get $70 Off Your First Stay


We’ve been on a number of trips with AirBnB, such as to The Cotswolds England, Brisbane Australia, Granada Spain, AmsterdamBali and throughout South East Asia. We used AirBnB to book our accommodation on many occasions and have always enjoyed the experiences. Below we’ve listed 6 reasons why we love AirBnB and a link for you to receive $70 off you’re first trip.

1. It’s Cheaper

Booking accommodation through the AirBnB website tends to be significantly cheaper than hotel rooms, especially in Europe and Australia. In the times that we’ve rented an AirBnB room it’s even been a lot cheaper than for the two of us to share a dorm room in hostels.

2. You Don’t Have To Share A Dorm

You get your own privacy when using AirBnB. You don’t have to worry about waking up a room full of backpackers to catch your early morning flight or sleep holding all your valuables (just in case!) 

3. You Can Cook

As budget-minded travellers we like to cook our own meals as much as we can when travelling to make our money last. Unlike most standard hotel rooms, most AirBnBs have a kitchen that you can use, whether you’re renting the whole place or just a room.

4. You Get To Experience Living Like A Local

In The Cotswolds, England we stayed in a house that had a backyard overlooking many fields with stunning views. Our hosts shared the best things to see and do in the area from a locals perspective. In Amsterdam we stayed in a typical Amsterdam home where we learned that very thin and steep staircases are completely normal. It’s the little things like this, that we wouldn’t have experience if we stayed in a hostel or hotel.

5. It’s Completely Safe!

When your host accepts your stay you pay AirBnB for the accommodation and the host doesn’t get paid from AirBnB until after you’ve arrived. If there happens to be any problems, AirBnB is responsible for providing you with a refund, which means you’ll never be caught in a situation of having to follow up on a host.

6. Everyone’s Happy

It’s a win win situation because you can stay in nice accommodation for the best rates, while supporting locals earn some extra money for renting out a part of their place, that otherwise would have stayed empty. At the end of each trip you are asked to review your stay, and that includes a host reviewing the guest, so its in the best interest for everyone to make sure it’s a positive experience.

If you own your own home and have a spare room, you can even get a profile with AirBnB and start earning. It’s a great way to earn some money on the side from occasionally renting out the room you already own or even renting out your whole home when you go on a holiday yourself…

Sign up as either a traveller or a host on AirBnB this link to receive $70 off your first booking with AirBnB.

Happy Travels!

Have you had a great experience with AirBnB? Leave us a comment…

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