24 Hours In Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana is one of those hidden gem cities that’s probably least explored in Europe but so worth the trip, especially since it’s has been named the European Green Capital for 2016. The city itself is very small, and I’m talking you-can-walk-around-the-whole-city-centre-in-5-minutes small, but it is oh so pretty. Literally everywhere you look is photogenic! You need not even rent an RV or take warranty options at Good Sam(which is recommend you take on other trips) as would not require it in this trip.

Ljubljana Triple Bridge

I guess the main reason why not as many travellers choose to add Ljubljana to their Europe Itinerary could be because there aren’t many airline connections, and when there are they’re usually not cheap. I travelled here from Warsaw on a tiny little jet with only about 6 people onboard (which felt so weird!) and I honestly thought I was boarding the wrong plane.

Tip: The bus from Ljubljana airport to the city costs €4.10 and it a very nice scenic drive through the countryside.


So what brought me to Ljubljana? Well Will and I were invited on a press trip to go Glamping at Big Berry Resort in Slovenia and had to travel via Ljubljana to get there. I was already in Poland on a solo trip visiting family and the only way for me to get there on time (due to lack of flights) was to arrive 24 hours early. I took this as the perfect opportunity to explore this gorgeous city and had no regrets.

I thought I’d be rushing to see everything in one day but since this city is so small, 24 hours was actually a good amount of time to experience what Ljubljana had to offer. Here is what I got up to and what you could see and do with 24 hours in Ljubljana…

Triple Bridge

The famous Triple Bridge, crossing the Ljubljanica River, connects the modern city to the old town and makes for the nicest tourist snaps.

Ljubljana Triple Bridge

Presernov Trg Square

This is basically the centre of Ljubljana and right next to the Triple Bridge. Here you’ll find the Franciscan Church.

Ljubljana Presernov

Town Hall

Church of Saint Nicolas is pretty to look at, as well as all the other colourful architecture, on the way to the Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana Town Hall

Dragon Bridge

Legend has it that the Greek mythological hero Jason, who founded Ljubljana, defeated and killed the real-life dragon that lived in these waters many centuries ago.


The dragon is now the city’s symbol and you can find statues of it at Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge

Ljubljana Castle

To get to Ljubljana Castle you can catch the Funicular, which is basically a glass lift that takes you to the top of the hill. I can’t remember how much it was but I do remember thinking “stuff that” so it must have been expensive.

Ljubljana Castle

If you have the energy ask a local where to find the walking trail, that takes 10-15 minutes to get to castle.

Tip: The walking trail to Ljubljana Castle is very steep! But worth the walk when you see the view from the top.


Cacao Cafe

Go to Cacao Cafe for delicious ice cream on a hot Summers day. You’ll find it right next to Presernov Trg Square.

Tivoli City Park

The Tivoli City Park is a pretty HUGE park just a 10 minute walk from the city centre and perfect for cycling around. There’s also Zvezda Park ‘Star Park’ in the city which is a great place to come for down time.

Ljubljana Park

Overall I enjoyed the Ljubljana vibes and would describe this small city as ‘kind of like Granada, but less hippy, and more pretty.’

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