How We Travelled To Kuala Lumpur For Free

Malaysia Coconut Water

When we made the decision to book a one-way ticket from the Gold Coast Australia, to London UK, we had no idea that we’d actually save money by having a holiday in Kuala Lumpur on the way. However, planning and doing all the research to get the best deals and offers is one of my strengths as a traveller so I was straight on the computer comparing flight prices. This is how we booked a ‘free’ trip to Kuala Lumpur and how you could improve your next stop over experience too in these 4 simple steps:

1. Set Yourself A Maximum Budget For Airfares

We had a month before Will’s Australian Visa was due to expire so after a bit of research, the cheapest direct flight I found within the month was for $1200AUD per person…This was our maximum budget.

Tip: The best websites that I know of for this are and You could also save time and money by using these websites for research, then going onto the airline’s official website to actually book your flights.

2. Research Common Stop Overs To Your Destination

Since the UK is on the other side of the world to Australia there is always at least one stop over. From a travellers point of view it makes sense to spend a few days exploring a country that’s on the way because you don’t need to pay any extra for airfares.. (it also reduces jet lag, that’s for sure!) I discovered that common stopovers from Brisbane to London were through Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, or Kuala Lumpur.

Tip: If you’re flying from a larger international airport you’re probably have more possible routes to choose from.

3. Book The Cheapest Combination (in our case it was through Kuala Lumpur)

After researching many different combinations for getting to these airports, while incorporating a few days in between flights to explore, the cheapest option I found was to fly through Kuala Lumpur with a 5-day stopover. Altogether we paid $815AUD each for flights to get from Australia to England including all booking fees and a free visit to Kuala Lumpur on the way!

Tip: If you’re planning to travel to a distant country, consider alternative routes to getting there. It may just work out a lot cheaper and you’ll have a better experience to share along the way.

4. Enjoy The Rest Of Your Budget As Spending Money

By choosing this option we were actually saving a total of $770AUD between us, which we could use as spending money in Kuala Lumpur. Sounds like a pretty good deal? When we arrived in Malaysia we realised that this was far more than we even needed as budget travellers so we turned this trip into a ‘luxury’ holiday.

Here are a few highlights from our time in Kuala Lumpur…

Kuala Lumpur Coconut Water
(Drinking Fresh Coconut Water at the Central Markets)

Kuala Lumpur Pavillion Fountain
(Shopping at The Pavilion)

Kuala Lumpur
(Hanging Out at The Art Gallery)

To discover how far our budget went for us on this holiday and how you could enjoy an extremely cheap trip to Kuala Lumpur; read our Budget Traveller’s Guide to Kuala Lumpur next…

Have you ever made the most of a stop over? Do you have any other tips and tricks that have helped you travel ‘for free’? Leave us a comment…

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