Tips For Long Train Rides

Tips For Travelling By Train


This is a guest post written by Wendy, Editor of If you’re well travelled or planning a trip around the world then it’s very likely you’ll be catching a few trains along the way. So this post is full of great tips specifically for long train rides to prepare you for the journey. Enjoy!

Surprisingly there are many cities, in many countries, that have very little train travel. Therefore millions of people around this beautiful world that have never stepped foot on a train. When those who mainly travel by automobile and occasionally by airplane are faced with a long train trip, they have no idea what to expect. Whether you’re travelling for business or for your honeymoon, the purpose of this feature is to provide details on traveling in style to make sure your train trip is a unique and exciting experience.

Tips For Long Train Rides

Bring Warm Clothes

Even though you may think it is warm enough, the air conditioning can get quite cool. A neck pillow is also a good idea to allow you to comfortably relax or even fall asleep on the train.

Don’t Overpack

Depending on how long you will be away, you may feel the need to take a great deal of personal items with you. However, keep in mind, that everything that you take you will have to carry. Suddenly, you don’t feel you have to have everything you own on hand at every moment.

Tips For Long Train Rides Luggage

Don’t Expect The Train To Be Spot On Time

If you are meeting others or making a travel connection, assume there will be a delay. Usually, there is not, but it happens in all modes of travel. Allow a window of time to avoid stress.

Plan To Occupy Yourself

Watch a movie on your computer, read a book, play games, or listen to music (through head phones). Many times you will enjoy glorious sites, but there are long hours between them.

Long Train Rides

If you have trouble sleeping in a set, rent a sleeper cabin

Take into account what is included in the prices, such as meals, drinks, and extras, which will offset the price. But if you are someone who simply must stretch out to rest, spend the extra money…and buy your tickets in advance to save money.

Be considerate of others

If the others are speaking in hushed tones, do not speak in a loud tone. Be considerate when you are speaking, eating, playing music, or anything that affects others. No one wants to sit next to a passenger who eats loudly or brings smelly food onboard. You may enjoy a tuna and onion sandwich, but the others may not enjoy the smell for several hours.

With that said, relax and enjoy the trip. You will never forget your adventure.

This guest post was written by Wendy, Editor of Thanks for sharing!

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