Travel Timeline

The Brit & The Blonde’s Travel Timeline


2013 September: Met on the Gold Coast, Australia

2013 October: Fell in love on a work trip to Gladstone, Queensland

2013 November: Started dating ‘officially’ and went on a work trip together to Townsville, Queensland

2013 December: Christmas with Sandy’s family in Melbourne

First Year Of Travel Gold Coast
(Gold Coast, Australia)


2014 January: Our first ever van trip along the New South Wales Coast, Australia

2014 February: Short trip to Byron Bay, Australia

2014 March: Will’s dad came to visit us on the Gold Coast, Australia

2014 April: Weekend getaway to Sydney, Australia

2014 May: Sandy took a trip to Adelaide and Melbourne to visit family

2014 4th June: Officially packed up our lives and hit the road full-time! Spent a month living in Perth, Australia

2014 July: Week in Bali, Indonesia

2014 August: Spent 6 weeks living in Melbourne, Australia

2014 September: Lived in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast for 6 weeks

2014 October: 10 Days in Phuket and Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

2014 November: Travelled to the UK where Will saw his family for the first time in 16 months!

2014 December: Sandy took a short trip to Warsaw, Poland, to visit family and then we spent Christmas together with Will’s Family in England

Our Love Story Sydney Harbour Bridge
(Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia)


2015 January: Short trip to Noosa, Australia before moving to New Zealand

2015 February: Lived in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand for 2 months

2015 March: Moved back to the Gold Coast, Australia to save money

2015 April: Enjoyed the Gold Coast, Australia

2015 May: Week away together to visit Sandy’s family in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia

2015 June: Short trip to Byron Bay, Australia

2015 July: Bought a GoPro, did a blogging course and started this blog!

2015 August: 5 day trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the way to Europe

2015 September: London, The Cotswolds, Devon, Sheffield and Manchester in England

2015 October: Short trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 November: Taught English, volunteered and lived in France for 6 weeks (Paris, Central France & Normandy)

2015 December: Christmas back in England with Will’s family

French Culture Crepes
(Crepes in Montmatre, Paris)


2016 January: Porto, Lisbon and volunteered with animals in The Algarve, Portugal for 6 weeks

2016 February: Seville, Malaga, Madrid and volunteered in the hills of Andalucia, Spain

2016 March: Moved to live and work in a hostel in the Canary Islands, Spain

2016 April: Lived in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

2016 May: Completed Open Water Scuba Diver Course and internship in Gran Canaria, Spain

2016 June: Travelled through Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Marbella and La Herradura in Spain

2016 July: Sheffield and Liverpool in England, then Dublin in Ireland

2016 August: Sandy visited family in Poland, then we went ‘glamping’ in Bela Krajina, Slovenia

2016 September: Sandy flew back to Australia, visited Brisbane, Hamilton Island, Adelaide and Melbourne

2016 October: Endured 3 long months apart on opposites sides of the world. Will in England and Sandy in Melbourne, Australia

2016 November: Reunited for a short stay in Brisbane, Australia, before moving to Ubud in Bali

2016 December: Visa run to Singapore, then back to Bali to live in Canggu for a month

Puerto De Mogan Volver Hostel
(Volver Hostel, Gran Canaria, Spain)


2017 January: Island Hopping in Borneo, Malaysia for a visa run, then back to Ubud, Bali, for another month

2017 February: Will got his temporary-permanent visa granted for Australia!!! So we moved back to the Gold Coast to set up base in between travels around the country

2017 March: 4WDriving on Fraser Island, and a short trip to Byron Bay

2017 April: Surf Camp on the NSW Coast, and then Sandy went to the Whitsundays for 2 weeks for work

2017 May: Short getaway to the Noosa Everglades, then travelled through Australia’s Northern Territory for 2 weeks

2017 June: Short getaway to Byron Bay to go Skydiving!

2017 July: Moved in to our very own studio apartment on the Gold Coast, a place to call home in between travels

2017 August: Partnered with lots of brands in the tourism industry to experience many of the Gold Coast’s top attractions

2017 September: Stayed at The Marriot Hotel in Brisbane to celebrate our birthdays and a short getaway to Noosa on The Sunshine Coast

2017 October: Sandy visited family and friends in Adelaide

2017 November: GOT ENGAGED! Then Will’s family came over from the UK to stay on the Gold Coast and we also took a trip to Sydney together

2017 December: Christmas with Sandy’s family in Melbourne

Travel Timeline
(Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali)


2018 January: Byron Bay for WMGlobal Travellers Event

2018 February: Finished off partnerships with brands on the Gold Coast, started preparing for a huge trip, packed up our apartment and stored our car

2018 March: Quit our jobs yet again and set off to travel throughout South East Asia indefinitely. The first country was Thailand with the first stop being Bangkok for a week, followed by a few days in Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, on the way to Chiang Mai where we spent 10 days

2018 April: Visited the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, spent a couple of weeks in Pai, then Chiang Rai and Chiang Khlong on the way to Laos. Stopped in Huay Xai where we did the unforgettable Gibbon Experience before taking the 2 day slow boat down to Luang Prabang for a few days, then a stop in Vang Vieng before finishing our Laos travels in the capital Vientianne

2018 May: Will flew home to the UK to catch up with family for a couple of weeks while Sandy enjoyed the tranquility of Ubud in Bali. We then met up in Hanoi to start a month of travels through Vietnam. Firstly we took a cruise around Ha Long Bay for a few days, then back to Hanoi and up to the mountains of Sa Pa before catching a bus to Ha Giang further North

2018 June: Completed the Ha Giang Motorbike Loop! Then started travelling South stopping for a few days in Ninh Binh and Hue on the way to Hoi An where we spent a week. Then to Da Nang where we caught flights back to Bali to book our wedding venue for next year in Nusa Dua, and to stay in the stunning Hotel Tugu Bali in Canggu

2018 July: Spent a couple of weeks in Ubud Bali, recovering from travel burnout before flying back to the Gold Coast, Australia

2018 August: Spent a weekend in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, before settling back in to a routine, we both found work we enjoy and moved in to a beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartment on the Gold Coast

2018 September: Sandy went on her yearly trip to Adelaide to visit family and friends

2018 October: Bought a tent and went camping to Mount Warning in the Gold Coast’s Hinterland

2018 November: Short getaway to North Stradbroke Island

2018 December: Went on a P&O Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef including stops at Airlie Beach and Cairns. Then went camping to Lennox Head NSW, over Christmas

(Hue, Vietnam)


2019 January: Sandy went to the Sunshine Coast for her friend’s Hen’s Party

2019 February: Both flew to Victoria for a friend’s gorgeous countryside wedding

2019 March: Sandy’s mum came to stay with us on the Gold Coast and we also took her to visit Byron Bay in NSW

2019 April: Hired a 4WD and went on a camping road trip up the Queensland Coast from Gold Coast all the way up to the town of Seventeen Seventy, and visited everywhere in between

2019 May: Had our Hen’s and Bucks parties on the same night in Surfers Paradise & got ‘legally’ married on the Gold Coast with a couple of family members present to witness

2019 June: Flew to Bali for our Dream Destination Wedding! Had a week with family first in Seminyak, Canggu and Ubud, then got married on the beach in luxurious Nusa Dua, then spend another week on our honeymoon in Uluwatu

2019 July: Enjoyed our first month of married life living on the Gold Coast and relaxing from a huge few weeks of festivities

2019 August: Bought our dream 4WD Van ready to convert into a camper and called her Delta!

2019 September: Spent the month converting Delta into a camper van from scratch, ready to hit the road

2019 October: Will’s mum came over from the UK to stay with us on the Gold Coast and we also took her to visit Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast

2019 November: Took Delta on our first overnight camping trip to Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast’s hinterland

Upcoming Travel Plans: We plan to take our camper van Delta on a big trip this Summer from Gold Coast to Adelaide along the coast of the country!

Van Life Australia

For details on how we’ve made all these experience a reality read our irresponsible first year of travel, our two year travel-versaryyear 3 of our travels, our fourth year on the road and 2019 travel round up posts 🙂