ESTA Program: How To Travel To The US Visa-Free

Thanks to the ESTA program you can now travel to the US without a visa! The Brit & The Blonde haven’t been to the US yet, but since a road trip across America is high up there on our bucket list we’ve been looking in to US visa options.


We’ve collaborated with Josh Hobson & Sophie Jones, Masters Students from the University of Liverpool and founders of, to put together everything you need to know about the ESTA program below.

Travelling To The US Is A Lot Easier Than It Used To Be!

Gone are the days of queueing for hours in the American Embassy for a visa, not to mention travelling there. Today, getting to the US is much more simple because the US developed the ESTA. A resource issued to citizens of up to 38 countries; Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and France, to name a few.

The Real Beauty Of The ESTA Program?

With the ESTA, you can travel to the US as many times as you want, and stay there for a maximum period of 90 days per visit. Not too bad at all. It was established for tourists, business trips and lay-over flights (yes, you read that right, if you’re flying via the US, you will need an ESTA). The ESTA is also valid for two whole years, unless your passport runs out before that time period, in which case you’ll need to acquire another one.


The cost of the ESTA is only $14, which is substantially better than having to pay for a visa.

esta infographic

What Do You Need In Order To Apply?

Well, first things first. You need to be from the list of countries that are eligible for this program. Secondly, you need an electronic passport, and lastly, an internet connection. Applications for the ESTA should take no longer than 72 hours to be granted, although most of the time they’re approved almost instantly. Access to The States will simply be sent to you via an e-mail!

Some Things To Bare In Mind:

Whilst in the US, you may be asked to provide information on where you are intending to go and prove that you have sufficient funds to take care of yourself on the trip. Be sure to carry this information with you.

Even if your application is approved, it does not guarantee entry into the US. The officials at the airport have the final say on who enters the country or not!

If your application is rejected, you will need to obtain a normal visa.

Find out more detailed information including if your country fits the eligible criteria to apply for the ESTA, at!

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