Filling Your Time On An Extended Vacation

We all like long breaks. We all like the idea of taking plenty of time away from the daily grind, to make sure we refresh and recharge ourselves out a nice beach or next to a sparkling swimming pool, and then retreat back to the luxury smelling room of the hotel we’re staying in. All in all, having a couple of weeks in another country, to have fun and relax, is one of the best parts of the year, and we work hard to be able to do so.

But when it actually comes down to it, the longer we spend in another country, the greater the chance we can get bored. We might get to know all the nooks and crannies of the city we’re staying in, and we’ve gotten to grips with the public transport system, so there’s no trouble going further afield either!

And if you’re someone who does get bored easily, as a lot of people do, don’t let yourself sweat your travel plans. There’s plenty of ways you can fill the ‘extra’ time you always end up with whilst you’re away. Here’s just a few of the best for you.


Go Somewhere Completely New!

If you want to get the most out of your vacation, make sure you’re always trying out new desimtastions, and that you’re never getting too comfortable in your plans. You’re a wanderlust-y person, and you want to see the world – you can’t do that from the same hotel in Paris that you head to every summer for a couple of weeks

And if you’re headed out somewhere completely new, like hopping across the biggest islands in Greece, or to see Nepal and its hotpot of culture, you’re always going to have something new to do. You’re going to have a place to properly explore and get to know, and there’s a good chance you could come back again at least twice, because 2 weeks is never enough time to get to know a country you’ve only visited once!

Check into a Resort

Resorts are big places, filled with amenities and clubs to join, and that means they’re a bored traveller’s dream. Take your well-deserved reprive and Enjoy Mexico Punta Mita rentals to take your mind off of other things. There’s so much to enrich yourself with all across a few square meters, and you’re going to meet all kinds of different people whilst you’re at it – you’ll even be able to make friends, seeing as you’ll be staying in very close proximity for the time you’re there.

But if you’re not really a resort person, don’t worry too much. There’s always a second or third option you can try out. For example, you can rent yourself a place in an apartment complex, and get to know your neighbors on a first name basis in the exact same way. Somewhere like the pinnacle at duxton details would be a good place to start, if this idea piques your interest, and you’ve had a proper travel fund stashed away for a while now.

Take Your Physical Time

So you’re off on your travels, and you’re looking to have a good time, and somehow find enough activities to do and sights to see to stop you from ever getting bored during that time, make sure you take your time. Don’t let yourself rush, and let yourself walk slower than usual around a hiking route, or through the downtown city center. You’re trying to get to know a place, and you don’t want to miss anything whilst you’re there, so pace yourself!

But this is harder to do than it sounds, seeing as you’ve got a natural walking pace that’s hard to stray from, and the sound of the forest might bore you more than getting back in the car to head off to your next stop. But if you let yourself rearrange your priorities a little, you’ll notice your boredom ebbing away – what if you don’t have to stick to an itinerary, and instead you could take as much time as you like, stopping off at any place you like?

Let yourself think of your vacation in terms of, ‘look at everything I have seen!’, instead of, ‘oh, look at everything I missed.’ It’s a very important distinction to make, and helps to set your expectations at a more realistic level.

There’s plenty of ways to fill the time when you’re on vacation, so make sure you look up the best sights and sounds before you go. And once you’re there, take your time going around them, and don’t come home unfulfilled.

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