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If you haven’t already noticed, over the last 10 months we’ve been travelling and volunteering our way around Europe through a site called Workaway.info. The volunteering part has allowed us to save our money for experiences as we have rarely had to pay for food or accomodation therefore allowing us to travel for longer. We’ve written our very first guest post sharing our experiences and the difference between workawaying and backpacking, which has now been published on the official Workaway blog!

We feel this is a great achievement for us and we are happy to have gained so much exposure to other travellers (77 shares in 24 hours!)..We hope this story and future stories will continue to inspire you on your own journey.

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Will & Sandy x

Have you volunteered with workaway before? Are you considering it? Share your experiences in a comment below…

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2 thoughts on “We Were Featured On The Workaway Blog

  1. Hi, ?
    Can I pick your brain please about volunteering? I’m only on helpx so far but I seem to write loads of hosts and rarely get a reply and if I do it’s to say no, we are full for those dates/ don’t need help at this time.. Out of about 150 mails I have had a couple of offers. Is this normal? I am nervous about starting a trip with maybe one short placement and hoping I will get another in time. Any advice welcome. Thanks. Hope you are both surviving your separation , counting the days I expect. Love and Hugs
    Mandy ( Volver)

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