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The Brit & The Blonde are an English/Australian couple who have been travelling together for over 4 years. We started this blog to document our experiences and to inspire others to explore the world.

12 Months of Blogging

The content shared on this site attracts readers who are looking for honest budget-savvy tips and a slice of luxury every now and then. Our passion for tourism drives us to share destination guides, reviews and real experiences through travel writing and social media.

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“Partnering with The Brit & The Blonde has added great exposure to our venue. We recommend their marketing services to other hotels because exposure is needed to create brand awareness and potential customers. Will and Sandy create useful content with great information so more people can have a guide to venues and adventures they would like to explore. Thank you for a nice partnership, hope we can work again in the future to create more article and information and unforgettable experiences to everybody who comes to Bali.” – Hotel Tugu Bali

“The collaboration with The Brit & The Blonde increased media reach for 5footway.inn and to a relevant group of travellers. Their blog post captured the essence of our product very succinctly and in a tone which reflects very closely to our brand personality. We’re looking forward to more affiliated collaborations and we’re happy to work with like-minded, passionate and energetic ambassadors like Will and Sandy! We definitely recommend The Brit & The Blonde to other tourism boards!” – 5 Foot Way Inn

“We really appreciate detailed feedback and it is very valuable to have exact information from Will and Sandy. Moreover, we appreciate their effort and professionalism but also their open-mindedness. We would recommend The Brit & The Blonde as one of The Most Valuable Bloggers to other tourist facilities and boards.” – Big Berry

“We’ve had the pleasure to join forces with The Brit & The Blonde for almost 6 months now, during which we have used their blog content to create mobile apps. They have helped us spread the word out about our pioneer technology designed for travel bloggers and we will continue using their content and vast audience to market our product. Will and Sandy are Internet savvy enthusiasts with a great deal of globe-trotting experience under their belt, which is a great asset to us as travel-oriented software developers. They are seasoned gurus of budget travelling – successfully doing so for years, covering half the world – which aligns with our travel app doctrine: to allow people to see more, get further at their own pace, and pay less.” – GPSMyCity

“As a result of working with The Brit & The Blonde, we have received efficient and effective responses, therefore speeding up our process. This has enabled us to hit our targets that we set ourselves at a tremendous rate. The most specific thing we liked about the marketing feature, was not only the way in which the article is presented, but the way in way the duo reconfigured the information that we provided, by optimising the content and and giving it a genuine makeover!” – Josh & Sophie, University of Liverpool

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In 2019 we intend to spend most of our time in Australia and Indonesia, although we are open to collaborations anywhere. If you’d like to get in touch and/or already have an opportunity that you think we’d be interested in please email:

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